3 thoughts on “Israel: ‘Our Pride That We Only Hit Hezbollah’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I am sure glad being a Judaeo-phile doesn’t mean you have to be a Zion-ophile in the sense I see coming out these days.

    It is with tears that I consider the actions in Lebanon and Israel–and iraq, and Washington, and Afghanistan….what is most unbecoming of us as Anthrophiles.

    All the anti——isms are easier to understand when you consider the misbehavior our all those who adhere to –isms of one sort or the other.

    May God help us to come to some more gentle notions of what Zion is really all about.

    Who shall ascend to the Mount? Who shall enter into his place of sanctity. He that has clean hands and a pure heart. –Psalm 24. I will lift up mine eyes to the Hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord. Psalm 121. …His truth endureth forever…his mercy is efficacious. Psalm 117.

    Somehow I think we’re going astray as humans. Maybe we need to go to the Psalms and reevaluate what Zion is all about: Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike.

    Richard, I don’t what to be inflammatory, but when the likes of what came out today in the new you share, it becomes difficult to maintain dispassionate objectivity.


  2. This may sound bitter, but it seems to me that since Israel had killed thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians by the fifth week of the 1982 invasion, and killed a total of 19,000 that whole summer, then this summer’s butchery is certainly much less than it could have been. It’s way too much for me, mind you. I am devastated and sickened by the death in my father’s homeland. But I do remember how very many people Israel killed in 1982, and I realize that to a sick mind, this month’s carnage may look like “progress”. “Surgical precision.” Etc.

    In fact, I think it’s just the usual denial people live in so they can do their jobs, no matter how awful.

    My “IDF Rules for Arab Civilians’ addresses this confused contradictory attitude.

    Vicious satire has become my refuge and consolation. I know it’s bad for me, like drinking rotgut, but right now I just can’t stop.

  3. In the name of god, who of his creators was to hear the praying sounds of wives and mothers, the screams of orphans scared children, the sounds of ghosts in the desserted homes, to see the murdered children, women, babies, old people….To smell the smell of bombs, weapons, crops………
    For I shall speak to whom shall listen, where is the humanity in you????????
    Where is the civilisation???? Go ask the frensh, who fought for justice and independence, see them in the great heavens, let them judge the shame of her holy lands silence, or the noble britian the center of civilisation, or the chinese let them see the noble and honourable death of mwariors. To them who worship god let me hear their bible, Toraaht, Zabour,and leaders say that what happened wasnt’t a disaster, let them be shamed of their silent worshipers…..

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