3 thoughts on “Jonathan Tasini: Finally a Democrat I Can be Proud of on Israel – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thanks for the information on Tasini, we will definitely vote for him. I, too, feel that Senator Clinton is not a true friend of Israel. There is no chance whatsoever for any peace in the Middle East without a viable, contiguous Palestinian state. The plight of the Palestians is the biggest recruiting tool for the terrorists.

  2. Hi Richard,

    I am with you 100% on this and I bet in this age of Internet communication we could find at least 100 other Jews that agree with us.

    I was campaigning with Jonathan yesterday at the New York State Fair and although I would like to report that many of our fellow Jews wished us good luck, and thanked Jonathan for his courageous stand on the war in Lebanon, I can only state that we were not picketed by the Israel Lobby crowd.

    Personally, in light of the recent history of Israel and its blindly supportive American Jewish community,maybe we Jews should devote some time to “tikkun atzmenu” (repairing ourselves) and leave the tikkun olam to the experts, whomever they may be.

    By the way, I am saddened to report that unlike upon previous visits, I was unable to find a knish at this years fair, but overall the food was wonderful. Hillary, Bill Clinton and I enjoy barbecued ribs at Gianelli Sausage, athough we were there at different times.



  3. Ira–As a former NYer I’m jealous that you can find good Jewish food (albeit not at the NYS Fair). Here in Seattle our delis are an embarrassment. Where was the Fair held? I lived in NY for 25 yrs & never once attended I’m sorry to say.

    Pls. send my regards to Jonathan if you see him again & wish him luck. If I was still a NYer I’d be voting for him. I won’t even vote for Hillary in the presidential primary when she runs she irks me so.

    The ribs sounded good too (though we can get passable ribs here in Seattle).

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