5 thoughts on “Hamas Militants Attack IDF Outpost and Olmert Prepares Gaza Invasion – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I agree mostley, but i don´t like the word “terror operation”.

    It´s another question If this raid was a clever decision, but i wouldn´t label it as “terrorism”, because it wasn´t aimed against civilians. Even Haaretz recognizes this!

    Compared to the IDF:s previus strikes in Gaza, this pinpoint action against a military outpost, is hardly a case of “terrorism”, rather geurilla warfare.

  2. Yes, you do have a good point since it wasn’t targeting Israeli civilians as the Qassams do. But I do think the purpose of this act was to throw a bomb into the works involving both Hamas & Fatah & the Israeli government. It’s designed to foment chaos since the Syria-based rejectionists thrive on chaos & are weakened by hope or stability.

    That’s why I chose the word ‘terror’ since that’s often the purpose of real terror attacks. You could call it an act of resistance for the reasons you enumerate, but since its ultimate purpose seems to be less resisting the Occupation than throwing sand in the face of Hamas, Fatah & Israel–it’s too cynical an act to be a legitimate act of resistance. That’s my personal opinion but others are certainly entitled to view things differently.

  3. Richard:
    My objections against using the T-word, is that the Israelis call everything that the Palestinian’s doing for ”terrorism”. Whatsoever.
    And by using the T-word in the same way, you accept the Israeli bias.

    But OK, ”throwing sand” is a good description, I agree on that one. 🙂

  4. You people should learn to read a map. Kerem Shalom is and has been inside Israel since 1947 partition. Also there are people living at Kerem Shalom who have nothing to do with the military. Since I lived there for 5 years I am 100% sure of what I speak

  5. And yr. pt. is what precisely? That neither the Palestinians nor Hezbollah are entitled to attack within Israel’s borders? Of course, we’d all love it if both sides would respect the territorial sovereignty of their enemy. But it doesn’t seem to be happening on either side now does it?

    I think the Kerem Shalom attack was reprehensible. But I’m not going to be a hypocrite & say that only Israel is entitled to violate the sovereignty of Palestine. If Israel does it then the other side has a right to say “fair game, we’ll follow yr lead.”

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