3 thoughts on “Hardline Pro-Israel Groups Demand Brandeis Rescind Tony Kushner Honorary Degree – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What is most ludicrous about this issue is the implication that one particular viewpoint speaks for all Israelis. Look at the last election and see how divided Israeli’s are on this issue. To make the supposition that there is only one acceptable position for American Jews to take – is the same arguement domestically that anyone who doesn’t support the policies of the Bush Adminitration and the Republican party are traitors.

    Groups like the ZOA have staked out a position that is essentially aligned with a particular political group (which seems to me to be the Likud which not even anything near a majority or even a plurality of Israeli’s take) and claim any American that diverges from this view is “Anti-Israel”.

    I’m sure there are sizable number of Israeli’s that have views identical (and perhaps even beyond) Kushner’s. Are Israeli members of “Peace Now” and other parties and organizations with similar views also “Anti-Zionists”?

  2. You have made a very serious error. You’re confusing me with partisan pro-Israel supporters. I do NOT support the invasion of Lebanon. Pls. read my blog more carefully if you are implying that I do.

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