2 thoughts on “Israeli Policy Forum’s M.J. Rosenberg: Israeli Campaign Against ‘Paradise Now’ “Mindless Hysteria” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. While you are reading this, the Iranian reactor produces enriched bomb-grade uranium. Terrorists can deliver that bomb to your city, and it can kill you and your children. Yet the government does nothing.

    Do we demand violence? Not in any common sense. Similarly, police use force to arrest criminals in order to stop violence.

    But Iran is not a criminal? Wrong. Iran has proven malicious intent. Iran, under the current regime, conducted many terrorist bombings in the West, and sponsors deadly terrorists. Iranian leaders repeatedly called for fight against the United States and annihilation of Israel.

    Perhaps Iran needs nuclear weapons for self-defense? No. Iran already bullies the Middle East with its huge conventional army. No country threatens Iran.

    Since the eighth-century jihad and the Ottoman army at the gates of Vienna, the West has never been exposed to such threat. Iran�s several nuclear bombs can inflict more damage on America than the World War II. Never before the Islamic fundamentalists who hate the West and dream of attacking it had military might of apocalyptic dimensions. Are you crazy to doubt they will use the bomb?

    We call on the United States: Do not hesitate. Protect your people. Protect your allies. Destroy the Iranian reactor!

  2. Gee, thanks Sheila for more mindless hysteria from the Israeli right. Your comment is full of delusional thinking.

    Of course Iran is a danger to the world, the region & its neighbors. That’s why I’m in favor of negotiations to prevent Iran from going nuclear. But a good argument could be made that Israel is at least an equal, if not greater danger. It already HAS nuclear weapons & as the Lebanon invasion shows it would be fully prepared to use them in the “right” circumstances. I’m sure that thought scares the shit out of its Arab neighbors including Iran.

    Rather than rattling sabers against Iran you’d be better served by lobbying for a nuclear free Mideast.

    We call on the United States: Do not hesitate. Protect your people. Protect your allies. Destroy the Iranian reactor!

    I just love it when foreign nationals are so enamored by our bellicose foreign & military policy that they beseech us to do their dirty work for them. I’m comforted by the fact that nutjob hysteria like this will (hopefully) be tempered by Congressional opposition even if Cheney & his boys are fully prepared to use the big one on Iran.

    Isn’t it about time to dust off Dr. Strangelove & watch the generals and political leaders lead us blithely to nuclear war?

    If there is war with Iran you can take Iraq AND Lebanon and double the mayhem, double the resistance, & double the insanity. Israel will suffer, Iran of course will suffer, & our own country will suffer–deeply.

    I’ve removed both yr website URL & your petition URL because I don’t believe in using my blog to promote causes to which I’m adamantly opposed.

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