6 thoughts on “Why Won’t the Good Lord Shut Pat Robertson Up? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. My thoughts exactly, though I didn’t quite go into as much detail as you did, Richard. I said this in my entry, but I’ll say it here too…I’m surprised that, if he knows the Bible that well, that he forgot one little biblical passage called Matthew 5:9…I believe it says something about peacemakers being blessed and being called the sons of God?

  2. I have been buried in the Book of Joel all morning trying to find a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g that remotely resembles the “quote” referenced by Pat Robertson. And so far, your blog is the only place I’ve seen touch upon the fact that not only was this not a direct quote but that the sentiments have truly been taken out of context. Not by the People for the American Way, as Dr. Robertson’s spokesperson has argued, but by Dr. Robertson himself!

  3. I have no great love for Pat Robertsons attempts at predicting “end time” events. However, the book of Joel is speaking about just that. The problem between Christian interpretation, and Jewish interpretation is, in fact, WHO is the comming Messiah, not that He is comming, or the events that will preceed and accompany His comming. In contrast to Pat R. Keith makes ref. to Matt 5:9 and takes it out of context and misinterprets it. Obviously from his pacifist beliefs. God loves peace, but WILL resort to war against His enemies, which includes the enemies of Israel. We have seen this many times in scripture, and to believe our God has changed is to believe in a God who is not the God of the Bible. The argument over Who the comming Messiah is, or will be, will be settled when He arrives. Until then we can only search, pray, compare notes, and hope we’re right.

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