3 thoughts on “Brokeback Mountain and the Cost of Love Denied – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. nice blog. picked you up on google. we just saw the movie and thought it was amazing. we’re not sure what kinds of awards it will get though. In any case, i love how you also brought in “the hours.” My fiancee and I love the movie and she is now reading the book. Will be reading your blog….Happy Hannukah to you and Happy Holidays to all.

  2. Enjoyed your posting about “Brokeback”, which I came across during a Google search. I’m glad so many people seem to be so moved by this film. It is indeed a powerful statement about what repressed emotions and fear cause people to do with their lives. I would like to correct your facts, though, about the scenes regarding the shirts, for they are indeed two workshirts, not a shirt and a jacket. The blue cambray is Jack’s. The khaki plaid is Ennis’! Note the blood stains on the sleeve of Jack’s. These were the shirts they were wearing when they had the fight just before having to leave the mountain that first summer and Jack bloodied Ennis’ nose. Remember that Ennis complained, as they came back into town, that he had left his shirt up on the mountain. Not so; Jack had taken it and kept it together with his all those years. This realization is what lends such power to the scene where Ennis finds them, still nested together in Jack’s closet. In the later scene in Ennis’ trailer, it is Ennis’ shirt that is on the outside, with Jack’s safely harbored within; a metaphor, perhaps, of how Ennis will always hold Jack in his heart.

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