2 thoughts on “Islamic Jihad, Killers of the Innocent and the Peace Process – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I don’t believe this formulation is correct. I have nothing bad to say about Peretz. I can just look back at Israeli Labour policies and see nothing but an abyss of skeptisism. The whole game revolves around a magical fantasy which sees an incredible tale where the 1948 green line border has some sort of incredible significance as to where Arabs can live and the redrawn ’67 border is wrong.

    Likud politicians domestically hammer down on this and I’ve never seen a decent answer. Even the best intentioned Labour zionists run as far as they can from this and chestbeat that they are the Zionists and only they have a plan to rescue the idea of a Jewish democratic state (based on the ethnic cleansings of the inhabitants of Palestine circa 1948) .

    Even if you take Peretz at his word what would perhaps come about is a powerless, civil administration to take up the job of taking out the garbage and performing security detail from the IDF in whatever might remain of the West Bank and Gaza. The IDF would continue to control the borders and the entire thing would be little more than a vast open air prison with an Arab face to vote for Lord’s High Jailor.

  2. I presume you’re criticizing the notion that Israel will actually allow a viable independent Palestinian state. Of course, there is reason to question whether Sharon will be willing to accept such a notion. Many believe his idea is to create a few Palestinian bantustans surrounded by Israeli population centers so that the Palestinian entities will be fragmented and thus not a true independent state.

    I can only say that no matter what Sharon (presuming he is next PM) is willing to accept–eventually there will be a viable Palestinian state that will control its own destiny and have a sustainable economy & civil society. It’s the only way to create a sustainable peace between the 2 parties. Anything less will only continue the instability & chaos.

    And if you’re arguing for a single unified state (not sure whether you are or not) for both Israelis & Palestinians well, that’s what the anti-Zionist left is shooting for–but it’s simply a non-starter. The only Israelis who support this notion are the Neturei Karta, the super-Orthodox sect.

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