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  1. Hello there, I notice the favicon works in Firefox, but neither of my other browsers use the icon when I visit the site, and it shows up only briefly with Netscape (on Mac OS X) before it disappears completely and forever.

    That leads me to believe the “link rel” tag might be at fault… I see that it points to a “public_html” folder when the actual location of the icon (as far as the Internet is concerned) is the root directory of your website. Even though you uploaded the icon to your “public_html” folder, that isn’t considered part of the web address as far as the rest of the world is concerned. The Apache web server translates that to your domain name. The favicon can actually be accessed at one of these two addresses:


    The second address is probably valid because of the .htaccess mod_rewrite rules WordPress uses.

    Here’s my overly-wordy explanation of the symptoms….

    The root domain name (https://www.richardsilverstein.com/) is the default place a web browser will look for your favicon, unless specifically told to look someplace else. That is, if you leave out the link rel=”Shortcut Icon” tag, most web browsers will check for a favicon.ico file at the root address of your website:


    But your pages specifically tell web browsers to look for the icon in your “public_html” directory, which doesn’t actually exist according to the Internet… that folder is specific to your particular web server and represents your domain name. If you load the address, https://www.richardsilverstein.com/public_html/favicon.ico you’ll get a “404, file not found” response.

    Firefox is either smart enough to ignore the “Shortcut Icon” tag when it doesn’t find the icon in the “public_html” directory that you specified… either that or it’s too dumb to recognize the tag any old way. Often the wrong way does lead you where you want to go.

    My Mac OS X versions of the Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers seem stymied when they can’t find the icon in the “public_html” directory, and they don’t look for it where they would normally search… the root domain name. They throw up their hands, scratch behind their ears and shrug their shoulders. “Favicon? We don’t see no stinking favicon.”

    As for Netscape’s strange disappearing act: it loads the favicon from the default directory before it loads the actual page (Firefox does this also,) but when Netscape finishes loading the page it reads the “Shortcut Icon” tag, and goes looking for the icon in the “public_html” directory. When it doesn’t find an icon there, rather than use the icon it has already found, it displays a crystal clear 16×16 patch of nothing. (Which is good, because that lets you know a problem exists.)

    And all that blather means… you might try removing the “public_html” part from the favicon’s address in the link rel=”Shortcut Icon” tag. That should display the favicon for those web browsers which are less liberal and more literal than Firefox when they interpret the “Shortcut Icon” tag.

    Hopefully that will fix everything up 100%… because I hate to be wrong about anything, although I often am.

  2. Cheers for this, I’ve been scratching my head about this one when putting a favicon on our new http://christmas.vg site on its own dedicated server.

    There’s a couple of faults in your code though (some missing “s), it should read:

    or wherever it is!

    Other than that, some sound advice.

    Those of us who are on our own servers can use httpd.conf instead of .htaccess (and should be for speed!)

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