2 thoughts on “Senate Judicial Compromise: Historic or Illusory? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Your statement: “First, George Bush doesn’t want to compromise. He wants to tear Democrats limb from limb”, is interesting since you might have more accurately written: First, President Bush’s Democrat opponents don’t want to compromise. They wants to tear President Bush limb from limb. ”

    But that’s right in tune with the rest of your misinformation!

    I’d hsare with you a comment on what the real issues invovled are, but it’s obvious you really aren’t interested. So, why bother beating a dead horse?

  2. Let’s give a basic lesson in nomenclature to the ignorant Mr. Harris (who seems grammatically challenged as well: “Democrats wants to tear Bush limb from limb”): the word Democrat is a noun and a noun only. Democrat cannot be an adjective (as in “Democrat opponents”) except in the foul mouths of Tom DeLay and others of his ilk. The proper adjective to use is ‘Democratic.’ But Republicans hate to concede that Democrats represent any sort of democratic tradition so they bastardize their terminology when referring to their mortal enemies. Using Democrat as an adjective is a mark of disrespect since it’s not the way Democrats refer to themselves.

    It’s interesting that Harris, in leaving a comment on this blog says he’d leave a comment if it was worthwhile to do so (implying that is isn’t). Did you leave a comment or not, Mr. Harris? Did you say anything meaningful or worthwhile?

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