2 thoughts on “Typepad’s New Rich Text Editor: Good But Room for Improvement – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’m finding it difficult to copy or cut text in the rich text editor. If it’s text with links, then the links screw up. I tried to cut and paste a series of links and discovered that the pasted versions had somehow transposed all the links. So Link A actually took you to site B, while Link B was pointed to site C, etc. Oh what a pain in the ass it was. I ended up starting over.

    I use the old HTML tab for composing because I find the new rich text editor unpredictable. If you backspace or try to erase something you can erase invisible HTML codes and make a big mess.

  2. Hi Richard — I have some problems with the rich text options, too, though I don’t have some of those you describe even though I use foxfire 1.0. One of my big problems is that my browswer crashes frequently when I try to insert images. Another is that I can’t figure out how to insert an image and then surround it with a link and have it actually work. This used to be pretty easy, but now there seems to be with the inserted image that must be removed first before the image is linked. And one final thing, sometimes when I custom insert an image it automatically turns out as a link to a view of the image in isolation — even though I’ve been careful to deselect the pop-up option.

    Still, I like the new features all-in-all, especially strike through. My biggest grievance is still with the quick post feature. I wish I could select more than one catagory when I’m working in a quick post window. Instead, since I file most of my posts under multiple catagories (better chance of finding them months later), I end up saving in draft, then selecting edit post to open up in the post page just so I can select extra catagories. Most of my quick posts end up not-so-quick after all.

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