4 thoughts on “John Kerry’s Secret Jewish Roots – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What an interesting story, and probably so much more common than typically realized.

    When I was in Spain a few years ago I spoke with a guide at the mosque in Cordoba, and realized a couple things:

    1) There’s practically no indigenous Jewish population in the country.
    2) There’s millions of Catholics with Jewish ancestry (for some it’s evident in the name). My guide was one of these Spaniards and traced his ancestry back centuries.

    Jews and gentiles have always been closer than the anti-semites would lead us to believe. Maybe it’s the very fluidity that they find so frightening.

  2. My grandmother was a German Jew who renounced her background and told everyone she was Hungarian (she also “converted” to Catholicism)… sad thing is, I didn’t find out the truth about my background until I was 17… incredible how common this sort of thing seems to be.

  3. The Jewish ancestry of John Kerry and Wesley Clark indicates
    anew that there are far more Americans of Jewish ancestry–
    known and unknown–than there are American Jews. This has the
    effect of overrating the ratio of “Jewish” achievers to the
    Jewish population as a whole. Americans who are successful
    have their lives placed under a microscope and their Jewish
    ancestry is revealed; for those who are not successful, their
    Jewish ancestry remains hidden. Stories like that of Kerry,
    Clark, and Madeline Albright show that there are many intell-
    igent, competent, and dedicated people of Jewish ancestry;
    they do not show that there is some kind of Jewish conspiracy
    or that there is something about the Jewish religion or Jewish
    ancestry that guarantees success.

  4. I am beginning to wonder about this story on John Kerry’s background.

    First of all, all Irish people would know that his name “Kerry” is no true Irish name. I and my parents knew immediately that either his name was a corruption of another language, spelt into English, or was an adopted name. It is a place name and never a family name.

    Secondly, the name Kohn was extremely common, as well as Fritz. Put them together, you may as well be saying about any part of the old Austrian empire that the grandfather’s name was John Smith if he had been from England.

    Read the story by Stephan Kalmar whose “real grandfather’s name” was also Fritz Kohn, who then changed it to the Hungarian-sounding “Kalmar”. The book is “Goodbye, Vienna”.

    The matter of changing religions was mainly on paper, to get proper documents and passports. Furthermore, many Jews had themselves “converted” to Alt Catholics, a rebel group of Catholics against Rome. This organization in German-speaking Europe was always hoping to increase its numbers (on paper), and so accepted all comers. Many Jews took advantage of this flexibility, and who could blame them? But to say they “converted”? Hmm.

    Fritz Kohn is, I’m beginning to think, yet another red herring in the real story of John Kerry’s ancestors. Funny how it just pops up!


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