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Israel Opens Secret Military-Intelligence Mission in United Arab Emirates to Threaten Iran

The latest Israeli budget under consideration in the Knesset reveals that Israel opened a new mission in an unnamed Gulf State in the past year.  Though the identity of the state is supposed to be a secret (the linked Haaretz article doesn’t explicitly name it) given the delicate nature of Israeli relations with Arab countries in the region, my source informs me that it is the United Arab Emirates.  It is one of several Gulf states feeling threatened by the so-called Iranian threat.

Israel is eager to reinforce the sense of isolation and encirclement against Iran and what better way to do this than to make common cause with one of the competing powers in the region.  My source informs me that the purpose of the new mission is to coordinate and plan strategies for containing Iran.  Though I don’t know this for a fact, the main purpose of this new government outpost would appear to be intelligence and military liaison.  I don’t think Israel is making friends in UAE in order to engage in cultural exchange programs.  This is strictly business–the business of taking Iran down a peg or two or three.

Recently, the NY Times reported (this is the Jerusalem Post’s story) the U.S. was preparing a $10-billion arms package to send advanced weaponry to Israel, the Saudis and UAE in order to battle that Iranian threat.  The notoriously unreliable Times of Israel also reports a so-called “moderate crescent” alliance taking shape among the Saudis, Israel, UAE, Turkey and Jordan.  It too would have the goal of offering mutual defense against Iran.  If this report is credible (given the Times of Israel’s record, that’s by no means guaranteed), then the secret mission could be part of this project, since it would enable Israel and the UAE to coordinate their efforts much more intensively.  Personally, it could be a total crock.  But even if it is, it does indicate the “thinking” of some Israeli strategists who have delusional visions of creating a Middle Eastern version of NATO to deter Iran.

This news comes on the heels of yesterday’s hijacking and hacking of an advanced Israeli drone likely by Iran or forces closely associated like Hezbollah.  All of this is part of the nasty covert war going on among all these various states.  I’ve warned many times here before that it isn’t far from covert or overt war.  All it takes is one catastrophic failure, one stupid decision.  This is a tinderbox waiting to erupt in flames.

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  • unknown May 13, 2013, 3:31 AM

    The (official) mission was opened 3 years ago, the (unofficial occaiosnally manned) mission was opened in 2003.

  • Riehmat May 13, 2013, 3:49 AM

    Richard – Reuters confirmed Washington’s $10 billion arms deal on April 19, 2013, for Israel and its two major Arab puppets Saudi Arabia and UAE – “while maintaining Israel’s military edge”. It consists of a $5 billion additional military aid to enable Israel to buy 5-6 V-22 Ospreys, advanced refueling tankers and anti-air defense missiles will be manned by Israelis – the $5 billion worth 25 F-16 Desert Falcons purched by UAE will be manned by US-Israeli personnels – as the case in the past.

    The UAE and Saudi Arabia also would be allowed to purchase weapons with “stand-off” capabilities – those that can be used to engage the enemy with precision at a greater distance, defense officials said.

    Iran doesn’t pose a threat to these Gulf puppet regimes or Israel. This is all US-Israeli propaganda to keep those paranoid dictorial Sheikhs in western pocket by selling them the so-called “Shia Crescent” threat. It’s a good business for both the US and Israel.

    However, both Washington and Tel Aviv know that these and other Arab monarchies have no guts to fight any ME army. They buy western arms to feed western military complexes. Saudi Arabia has always been a military cash cow for the West. Saudi “royals” have pumped over $300 billion into Western arms industry.

    Both Qatar and Bahrain already have US-Israeli military presence. In a 2011 interview with Press TV, former US Senate candidate, Mark Dankof said that that Saudi ‘royals’ have sent their forces to combat the anti-Khalifa protests in Bahrain and supplied arms to anti-Qaddafi rebels in Libya on orders from Obama administration to protect Israeli interests in the region.

    link to rehmat1.com

  • The Mighty Cynic May 13, 2013, 7:43 AM

    It’s no secret that the UAE follows the Zionist playbook and may just be another Zionist puppet regime like the Saudis, the Donmeh of Turkey (Erdogan), the suddenly educated Qataris, etc. For instance, when Turkey supposedly had a row with Israel over the killing of 19 of its activists in international waters, the NATO charter should have been invoked and Israel put down by the alliance. During the same time, Turkey should not have been passing off Iranian pistachios to Israel to circumvent the sanctions brought forth fraudulently by the Zionists, or consistently executing agreements as to military cooperation. We see Turkey’s true face in Syria, where Al Qaeda is funded and armed by Zionists and the host nations in which their fifth column is extremely influential to the point of de facto ownership (US, Britain, Canada, France, and Germany).

    The UAE are just the same: they persistently claim islands in the Persian Gulf that were historically Iran’s, and without contention. The Emirs of the UAE (UAE is a conglomerate of 7 emirates, hence the name), are hereditary and corrupted thoroughly by imperialist rule over the centuries. The development of Dubai is an example of how such a secretive alliance with the Zionists have allowed the UAE’s progress to go unchecked as a business center in the Middle East. Such independence and strength is never allowed by the Zionist hegemonic routine.

    From time to time, these puppets of the Zionist strategy provide only the optics of contention against Israel’s plans, while in back channels being patted on the back for following what is now a transparent and overplayed script. As with Turkey feigning indignance over their own citizens being slaughtered, the UAE feigned anger over Israel’s infamous illegal assassination in Dubai. Such a matter is an open and shut case before the ICC, and the courts were never consulted nor a complaint filed other than through Western media, which is academically and routinely accepted as being dominated by six private conglomerations, all Zionist biased without exception, and immune from liability for conveying lie after lie over American airwaves. Saudi Arabia is a key puppet, faking opposition only in rhetoric, but wholly supporting the Zionist strategy, aiding it both domestically (producing an extremist Muslim caricature in their, basically Satanic, “wahabism”) and otherwise (see Saudi Arabia’s actions re: Palestine, the faked Iran nuclear threat, their facilitation of the Jewish Neocon Iraq war, etc.)

    And so, it’s not a surprise – and Iran, whose current President is still demonized by Western media, has been airing the Zionist strategy’s deepest secrets for almost 8 years now. Just search for his properly translated speeches (not the ones purposely mistranslated to make Iran seem like the fourth reich) and you will see that, like Dr. Ron Paul of America, Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric and speeches, especially those pointing to the future, have been accurate over time. Why? Iranian intelligence has figured out every facet and nuance of the Zionist strategy SINCE pre-1979, and this has been the main reason why Iran has been nonsensically isolated, demonized, and set as a target for World War III by the Zionists and their banking arm.

    • Richard Silverstein May 14, 2013, 12:40 AM

      @THe Mighty Cynic:

      the Jewish Neocon Iraq war

      Now we’re getting into anti-Semitic territory. I don’t like lazy, sloppy shortcuts in political discourse. And you’re one lazy, sloppy dude.

      Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric and speeches, especially those pointing to the future, have been accurate over time.

      You’re kidding aren’t you? I don’t know if you’re a parody of yourself or on someone’s payroll. But whatever it is, I’m not amused. You’re a hair trigger away from moderation. If you want to sling hash, nonsense & propaganda you’ll have to do that somewhere else.

  • Merd May 13, 2013, 7:48 AM

    The guy above me is hilarious :) loved every paragraph. I think he could easily get a job with Steven Colbert. Awesome !

  • Fred Plester May 13, 2013, 7:59 AM

    The UAE is actually several states with a common currency and (mostly) common defence force. Some of those states are much less likely to entertain an Israeli mission than others. Given the scope for this creating internal friction, I wonder if you are right to assume it’s in the UAE? It would have to be something that Abu Dhabi wanted and the poorer states were prepared to accept; not something that Dubai could do unilaterally.

    I would have thought it would be easier for Qatar or Kuwait to be the host, even if it’s Abu Dhabi which feels most threatened by Iran.

    Of all the Gulf States, Kuwait is the least bothered by Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians (Palestinians in Kuwait were seen to openly celebrate Saddam’s invasion), and increasing Shia political power in Iraq rather worsens the gauntlet which Kuwaiti trade might have to run if Iran tried to blockade the straits of Hormuz. The situation in Syria means that Kuwait’s overland options aren’t all that secure either. Kuwait can’t really prosper if either Iraq or Iran is unfriendly, unless Syria is peaceful and Saudi Arabia cooperative.

  • Scott Shepard May 13, 2013, 12:55 PM

    Ever since militants took the Grand Mosque in 1979 the ruling families in the Gulf have been terrified of popular uprising. One appropriate way to react to popular unrest is to honestly reform. Nah. Another way is to make broad (and thin) gestures in order to appease at least some of your detractors. The Saudis did this by token support for greater Islamic control over little girls, and other impressive demonstrations of self-improvement. There was no mass support for allowing US military bases to be set up in Saudi Arabia following Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait; and then, as we all know, fury over this kind of state policy fueled Bin Laden and the current incarnation of Al Qaeda, the group that does not die.

    Alliances with Israel, whether to squash Iran or squash anybody else, are only going to inflame popular sentiment in Gulf and Arab countries all over again. In the short term, perhaps Iran will find itself sabotaged into a defenseless corner. Perhaps Hafez al Assad will be chased out of the Syrian capital the way Khadafy was in Libya. But in the long run …. in the long run, they are all playing with fire, these western/eastern strategists who think they are so clever. In the Middle East, when you over reach, there usually is blow back. Maybe it takes a few months or a few years. But there is blow back.

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