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IDF Finally Concedes Gaza Attacks Originated in Sinai, Not Gaza

When even the most hawkish of Israel military correspondents concede (implicitly) the IDF’s version of the Eilat terror attacks is rubbish, you know you’ve been vindicated.  You’ll recall that back in August, after the incident, Alex Fishman, Idan Landau and I all demolished the claims by the IDF that the attackers were Gazan.  We argued that the attack originated in Sinai and that Sinai Islamists organized it and carried it out.  Eli Lake, Avi Issacharoff and any number of obedient water carriers dutifully reported IDF and U.S. intelligence nonsense.  The lies spouted by the IDF were also used to justify killing the top leadership of the Popular Resistance Committees and 25 other Gaza civilians having nothing to do with the raid.

Today, the Jerusalem Post’s Yaakov Katz reports that now the IDF itself admits the attackers were from Sinai and not Gaza.  But the IDF isn’t entirely willing to give up on the charade.  They still claim that the Sinai militants were acting on behalf of Gaza elements, though of course they don’t prove or even explain why or how this could be so.  They of course must continue to allege a Gaza connection otherwise they’ll be accused of war crimes for knowingly assaulting Gaza when they knew beforehand it had nothing to do with Eilat.

One of the theories the IDF is still peddling is that the Gazans paid the Sinai Bedouin to hit Eilat.  Though the fact that three of them wore suicide vests is a bit inconvenient unless, as Idan Landau quipped in an e mail, Bedouin believe they can take the money with them to spend in heaven.

It’s getting to the point where virtually anything the IDF says you must believe the exact opposite.  It is congenitally unable to speak the truth on almost any issue.  Perhaps someone can point out to us in the threads an IDF statement that was actually true.  If so, we should celebrate it as they’re in the vast minority.

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  • Aonee January 8, 2012, 5:00 PM

    How many Gazans are tried for war crimes when they fire scores of rockets each day to kill innocent israelis in Ashkelon and other parts in Israel?
    Why should IDF be so concerned for war crimes anyway that it should lie about Eilat terror and use it as a pretext to kill the leaders of PRCs? If either sides are looking for reasons to attack each other then there will be plenty of them.

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