3 thoughts on “Eric Cantor on 60 Minutes: ‘Why are Jews Democrats? It’s Tikun Olam!’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I agree. I am a life-long Democrat, even though the party has shifted so far to the right (passing through the center) as to espouse aggressive wars, huge military, reduction of civil rights, war on international human rights law, etc.

    Old habits die hard, and of course the Republicans are even more explicitly the party by, of, and for the “1%”. But the democrats are no slouches in this respect. Sigh.

    Oh for a Party-99 !

  2. Living nowadays, after zionism has long engulfed, consumed and digested the remnants of cosmopolitan Diaspora-Jewish culture, it’s probably hard to comprehend the degree to which socialism, unionism, secularism, internationalism etc. were identified with Jewishness (by Jews and their haters alike) since mid 19th century through the WWII cataclysm.

    Those understanding Yiddish (German would probably do…) may appreciate this consummate Tikun-Olam song (US,1889) by David Edelstadt:


    (in memoriam of beautiful ideals which perished along with the innocent masses who lived by them)

  3. I think that Jews identified and supported leftisst ideas as a form of resistance to a prevailing social and political reality, the reality of being governed by others. The creation of Israel reversed the problem: Now in charge of their own destinies, assaulted by resistance from others, the reaction was probably inevitable. In any case, Israel is fast becoming the authoritarian reactionary state that Jews traditionally abhorred.

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