5 thoughts on “Growing US Complicity in Gaza Genocide – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The only thing that’s remarkable is Blinkin running around the globe at taxpayer expense violating the buget bill prohibition against using apropriated funds for propaganda.
    He has repeatedly claimed that the Saudi Abraham Accords/Weapons Sale/Nuclear Deal is nearly ratified, while claiming the 2 State Solution is a necessary compenent. Netanyahu has publicly ruled out any Palestinian state.
    Blinkin also has claimed that the Biden UN Security Council Cease Fire resolution is an Israel plan. But Netanyahu has publicly denied that. He stated that with or without a cease fire, and with or without Biden’s Phase I agreement, the war will go on until Hamas is destroyed.
    According to Blinkin, Hamas is to blame for all of these problems, not Israel.

  2. Shame on Biden, his administration and Anthony Blinken and all the shills culpable for the atrocities in Gaza and Palestine, now, and over decades.
    The genocide and disregard for humanity is beyond reason.

    I cannot comment other than to say, as an American, the obscenity of the lies and innocent deaths, due to media silence and misrepresentation that enable this, day after day, for months, years, is despicable,
    as is the horrific devastation and loss of life in Gaza, funded by the U.S.

    For this person, on father’s day, or any day, Biden’s double standards, betrayal of democratic values, human and children rights is cowardice and insanity.

    Thank you, Mr. Silverstein for continuing to inform and share.

  3. Dmitri Mehlhorn: The Man Financing a Political Counterrevolution by the Democrats | Ryan Grim – The Intercept |

    Big supporter for Joe to run for re-election … a dead Joe is better than a live Kamala

    Squad’ Democrats could face well-funded challengers as pro-Israel billionaire (D) weighs bankrolling races

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