7 thoughts on “Israeli Massacre Kills 276 Palestinians, 4 Hostages Freed – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What can be said, other than I do not want to sit home and not vote or vote 3rd party in protest. Trump would be a disaster even just about this ongoing terrible situation.

    1. There are no US voting options that would not aid and abet Israeli apartheid in the occupied territories or the war in Gaza.

      There is very little difference between Biden amd Trump on this. Sanders was the only one who had a somewhat different opinion and he did not succeed in gaining his party’s nomination or even support.

  2. Memory of Entebbe ..

    Compliant Dutch media on pro-Israel war crimes narrative … headlines:

    Why so many people died during the liberation of four Israeli hostages: ’This action had to succeed’

    So Yoni … so his younger brother 😡

  3. The fact that the IDF/Yamam only took one KIA (although they’re probably lying and hiding any other WIA/KIA as is custom for them) shows that this wasn’t a pitched battle of any sort, the way some pro-Israel talking heads on X and other places are trying to claim. Looks like they just went bonkers as per usual and slaughtered Palestinian civilians out of hand.

    Which again, isn’t at all surprising for them. Truly revolting to see the glee in pro-Israel circles at the extent of the death and maiming meted out Palestinians in this instance ofc.

    1. @Mr. Frog: Things went differently than what you’re describing. The getaway truck with 3 hostages broke down. At that time, Palestinian fighters began to recognize what was going on & converged on the truck. That’s when the massacre happened. The damage and killings were caused by artillery and helicopter gunships, not by the attackers on the ground. The latter did kill Palesttinians, but mostly in the safe houses where the hostages were.

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