8 thoughts on “Netanyahu Rejects Hostage Deal Proposed by Mossad Chief – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Netanyahu is not interested in freeing the captives…if they get freed that would be a bonus.
    The real goal is the same goal as Israelis haves had since before independence; genocide and ethnic cleansing, get the Palestinians OUT of the lands claimed by Israel. Netanyahu knows his goal is within sight while the US dithers and issues “firm statements of “restraint”.

  2. Biden quietly signs off on more bombs, warplanes for Israel

    Transfers include 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound bombs, 500 MK82 500-pound bombs, 25 F-35A fighter jets

    Total 3,850 tons explosive power on an occupied, civilian people holed-up in Gaza.

    “Let’s talk Rafah invasion in my White House mansion …”

    1. Al-Shifa’s legacy destroyed: Dr Mads Gilbert

      Norwegian physician Dr Mads Gilbert, who has spent extensive time working in Gaza, including at al-Shifa hospital, says the siege of the facility has destroyed its legacy.

      “The Israeli occupation forces this night have ended 78 years of brave medical history,” Gilbert told Al Jazeera, speaking from Tromso, Norway.

      The hospital was built in 1946 and was the most important flagship hospital for the healthcare for people in Gaza, he said.

      “This is such a sad day, I’ve been weeping all morning.”

      Meanwhile, the fate of the 107 critical patients who were moved two days ago to an old part of the medical complex remains unknown, Gilbert said.

  3. It is simply astonishing how Israel’s economical “meters” like stock index and value of currency are performing despite of what we see happening in Gaza and Israel day after day. The day when Israel bombed Iranian embassy in Damascus and killed western food transporters – World Central Kitchen personel, TA125 has dropped today a bit and Shekel (ILS) is slightly below the value it had yesterday. The day when USA had to inform Iran, that they did not know about Israel’s attack and the assassination of the general. The day when Israel is trying to block UNRWA and World Central Kitchen had a significant role in that Israeli game plan. How long can US government tolerate Israeli attempts to drag USA in the large war Israeli leaders are trying to create?

    I really wonder who is keeping the stock values in Israel on their present high levels. TA125 index is a broad index with the performance and data of 125 companies. Many of those are home market companies. They can not be performing well when millions are demonstrating, hundreds of thousands are in military service, a couple of hundred thousand live in hotels waiting for “the return”, over halve of million have moved out of Israel etc. Exporting and importing companies can not be in perfect shape when the harbours are empty and air trafic is mildly said less “regular” and very few want Israeli products. Who is now so stupid that they would invest in building new settlements on occupied areas. And who would buy the new or old apartments in settlements with the price of before 6th of October? Which bank would give loans against those uncertain assets? If war against Hizbollah starts in earnest, Lebanon will be in ruins, but so will also Israel be. It means much of the Israeli industrial and economical infrastructure would vanish permanently. Lebanese are used to it, Israelis are not.

  4. 24 March 2024
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a reading of the Book of Esther with commanders and soldiers from the various crossings, from the Military Police Erez Battalion.

    A previous time PM Netanyahu read from the Book …

    Bibi Netanyahu: Book of Esther, Persecution, Deliverance and the Holocaust | 7 March 2012 |

    ”You also refused to bomb Auschwitz”


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