5 thoughts on “Biden’s March to War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. War of aggression will never provide security. How much longer will Israeli leaders stand in the way of peace with its neighbours in the Middle East. Born out of terror against the British “occupier”, the new state continued on the path of terror with Nakba, denial and crimes with imounity. Colonialism and occupation should have ended long ago. The promises of George Bush and Ariel Sharon in 2004-05 went unfulfilled. In its short history the Israeli’s, their Arab neighbours and especially the Palestinians paid a high price. Censorship silences protest and the media are compliant … trademarks of authoritarianism … weaponizing “anti-Semitism” across American Universities … “burning books” and stifling debate … dehumanizing rhetoric always leads to genocide. We’re watching as another chapter of history unfolding before our eyes. Got a boost of hope from some outstanding activists like Gideon Levy. Keep up the excellent work Richard … there are so few voices left.

  2. IRGC’s missiles have hit the positions of the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham group (Nusra Front) and the Turkistan Islamic Party in the Jabal al-Summaq region.

    Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen channel alleged that the bombardment aimed at training camps, logistical support headquarters, and medical facilities used by militants associated with the TIP and IS-Khorasan.

    I had put blame of the twin suicide bombing at Kerman on IS-K [Khorasan], veteran Al Qaeda jihadists from the earliest days fighting the Soviet invaders of Afghanistan. The July 2015 “kinetic” strike on IS-K leader Muhsin al-Fadhli traveling near Sarmada, a town in the Harem District of Idlib Governorate of Syria. Attack was as celebrated as killing of OBL in Abbottabad.

    In the IRGC operation, “Khaybar Shekan” ballistic missiles with a range of 1450 km were used by Iran for precision strikes on IS-K in the same region, close to the border with Türkiye.

  3. The same night, at least 6 IRGC’s Fateh-110 missiles hit the Mossad base in Erbil, Iraq.

    In a striking escalation of the enduring Kurdish-Iranian conflict, Peshraw Dizayee, a Kurdish oil magnate with purported ties to Israel’s national intelligence agency, Mossad, has been assassinated in an attack by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Dizayee, the proprietor of the Empire and Falcon Group, significant players in the Kurdish region’s energy domain, was a figure of substantial influence in the region.

    Key words | oil smuggling out of Syria, Deir Ezzor district | Kurdish SDF military allied with US |

    Yesterday Iranian missiles hit targets of Baloch militants, their trainings bases in Pakistan. George W. Bush ordered CIA operations in support of Jundallah militants to inflict death and destruction on Iran. Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of Jundallah, the country’s most prominent militant group, was arrested in 2010, extradited to Iran and hanged.

    In following years, Baloch militants have been responsible for many suicide bombings on the Shia community in Pakistan. Striking the Hazara community in Afghanistan …

    Why Is the Islamic State in Afghanistan’s Propaganda Targeting China?

    Nom de guerre of terrorist in Kunduz mosque bombing on 8 Oct. 2021: IS-K identified the bomber as “Muhammad al-Uyghuri.” See also ETIM terror.

  4. Nom de guerre of terrorist in Kunduz mosque bombing on 8 Oct. 2021: IS-K identified the bomber as “Muhammad al-Uyghuri.” See also ETIM terror.

  5. Two navy S.E.A.L commandos went missing 11 days ago during nightly raid of a suspected vessel in the Red Sea, in an attempt to intercept Iranian weapons heading towards Houthi territory in Yemen. Today US military has confirmed the death of the two men.

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