8 thoughts on “Yair Netanyahu Accuses State Department, CIA of Financing Overthrow of Israeli Government – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Pramila Jayapal’s “Israel is a racist country”.

    That, coming from a woman born into privilege in India, the most racist nation in history. i.e. jati, the 3,000 year caste system, which, BTW, Richard, is outlawed in Seattle.

    Yair Netanyahu is a deeply troubled young man suffering with mental health issues. He needs to be treated with the outmost compassion as one would a cancer patient or someone who’s been injured in a fall.

    1. @Q: India “the most racist nation in history.” Really. More racist than Nazi Germany? Than Rwanda or Serbia or Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge? I think not. As for the caste system, Pramila is not responsible for the caste system and does not support it. In fact, she supported the law outlawing it. You ought to spend more time knowing the actual views of those you attack.

      Yair Netanyahu is the 2nd most powerful person in Israel. He is far more than “troubled” or having “mental health issues.” He is one of the most dangerous people in Israel. And deserves no compassion. He is evil and should be in prison next door to his father and a few doors down from his mother. In any decent country they’d all be in prison.

    1. The link should open the appropriate SPA article … for unknown reason it does not.

      HRH Crown Prince Receives US National Security Advisor

      The meeting was also attended by the US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Michael Ratney, National Security Council’s (NSC) Middle East and North Africa Coordinator Brett McGurk, US Special Presidential Coordinator for Global Infrastructure and Energy Security Amos J. Hochstein, Legal Adviser to the National Security Council Jake Phillips and Senior Advisor to the National Security Ariana Berengaut.

      More at TOI

  2. Murdoch’s rag via i24 …

    Saudi Arabia agrees on ‘broad contours’ of deal with U.S. to recognize Israel – WSJ report | i24 news |

    Riyadh is seeking concessions from Israel that would help promote the creation of a Palestinian state, the report cites U.S. officials as saying

    Shortly after the report surfaced, the Pentagon said the U.S. reaffirmed its commitment to a strong defense partnership with Saudi Arabia during a phone call between top Saudi and U.S. defense officials.

    Negotiators are now reportedly discussing Riyadh’s requests that the U.S. help them develop a civilian nuclear program and offer ironclad security guarantees.

    In return, the U.S. is pressing the kingdom to distance itself economically and militarily from China, WSJ noted.

    Another Quid pro Quo deal with Saudis, UAE and Qatar to finance Al Qaeda terror in North Africa to fight the Wagner mercenaries? Role Erdogan/Türkiye unknown beyond Libya.

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