6 thoughts on “Netanyahu on UN Security Council Statement: ‘Bellitles Anti-Semitism and Slaughter of Millions’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Punch: As I wrote: financial support for families of martyrs is no different than financial support for Jewish terrorists and their families. That’s Honenu’d state funded modus operandi. And those terrorists aren’t dead like most of the Palestinian martyrs. Palestinians honor their resistance martyrs just as Israelis honor their fallen soldiers. No difference.

  1. The ‘terrorists’ are Jewish, but the ‘resistance martyrs’ are Palestinian.
    That’s quite a difference, Richard. No?

    1. @ Pamela: Nope. Not at all. The Palestinians are massive underdogs. They are the victims in the vast majority of death and destruction. Deaths are 20 to 1, Palestinian vs Israeli victims. Israel has nuclear weapons. Palestinians have homemade Carlos carbines.

      As I’ve said, Palestinians have every right to resist this mass murder. And if this were the Holocaust I would say the same thing about Jewish resistance.

  2. Being an underdog doesn’t necessarily make your cause just nor give you license to commit acts of terror. The Nazis were underdogs at one point. Did the Stern Gang have ‘resistance martyrs’?

    1. @ Jay Goldblatt: Being a regional power as Israel is gives it even less license to commit acts of terror, since it has a vast aresenala of weapons at its disposal, while Palestinians have errant rockets which hardly ever cause any damage and Carlo handmade guns.

      As for “resistance martyrs.” Surely you jest. Who was it named after? The biggest resistance martyr of them all, Avraham Stern, murdered by the British.

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