9 thoughts on “Palestinian Resistance: By Any Means Necessary – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Palestinians are attacked daily by racist “settlers” who face zero sanctions while the criminal IDF conducts murderous reprisal attacks on civilians, who are entitled to fight back.

    Israel was established by murder and theft, not by a representation election, which was denied to the pleading indigenous population by the Mandate UK.

    Palestinian Congresses met seven times in the 1920s but were ignored by the UK. Churchill told Parliment in 1939, no election would be held because the minority Zionist occupiers did not have to pay attention to the views of the resident Arab population – an open invitation to Zionists to take the land by violence.

    There is no moral or legal legitimacy that supports the existence of Israel. Zero. Zionism and “the Jewish State” are self-confessed racist systems – the very opposite of representative democracy. A representation election is long overdue.

      1. @jack52: Nice bit of whataboutism. America was established 250 years ago and hasn’t used ‘murder and theft’ against its indigenous communities for over 100 of those years. Not only that, the US has attempted, however fitfully, to repair some of the damage done.

        Israel, on the other hand, has engaged in pillage and theft from its founding till now, 70 years–it’s entire existence. And it has done nothing to repair any crimes it has committed against the indigenous Palestinian population.

        1. [My apologies: I made a mistake and should not have deleted your comment. But in general I frown on comments which rehash Zionist history, old grievances, and settling of scores, which your comment was. I will generally delete such comments. But I should have given you a warning for future comments and not deleted this one. Remember, always stay on topic and comment directly only on the substance of the post. My apologies for deleting the comment–RS]

        2. “…America was established 250 years ago and hasn’t used ‘murder and theft’ against its indigenous communities for over 100 of those years…”

          From the formula above, perhaps Israel then desrves 180 years more, of which 80 will be dedicated to ‘murder and theft’ (M&T) until it gets its 100 years of no M&T ?
          the math: 250-70-100=80

          1. We murdered Native Americans and African Americans untill about 1920, 150 years. That gives Israel another 80 yrs. But there is much international pressure against genocide today that there was in 1920. So hopefully Israel’s crimes will end before then.

  2. [comment deleted: post another bit of snark like that and you’ll be banned.

    BTW, the only “monster” here is YOU.]

  3. Did I miss the order by U.S. State Secretary Antony J. Blinken on 11 May to lift the terror designation of KAHANE CHAI and all of its affiliates. Stunning beyond belief. Although it fits half a century of American policy to use terror groups as proxy to expand empire and capitalism. MAGA

    Four years ago I wrote: “New Fascist Pariah States America and Israel Lashing Out.”

  4. What an utterly stupid comment by Jack52. To be sure the United States was established by land theft, extermination, rape and all the other horrors of colonisation. Perhaps that is why it identifies so closely with Israel.

    Jack reminds me of those who say it is ‘antisemitic’ to compare Israel with Nazi Germany. After all, they say, Israel has not exterminated the Palestinians. To which I reply neither did Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1939 and only fitfully before June 1941.

    But so what? Shall we wait until Israel does embrace mass genocide?

    The whole point of political analysis and campaigning is to prevent such evils not to justify them by past practice.

    The direction of travel of the Zionist state is clear for all to see. It is making a Jewish Nazi party, Religious Zionism into its 3rd largest block in the Knesset. The old secular Zionist left, which prepared the ground for what has followed, will be lucky to get 10% representation in the Knesset.

    Yet the Jack25s of the Zionist movement will continue to make excuses and accuse others of ‘antisemitism’.

    One wonders where their apologetics will end.

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