15 thoughts on “Twitter Running Scared as Users Express Outrage at Israeli Aggression – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I think your banning on Twitter may have been an own goal.
    The algorithm they use may have picked up that you wrote ‘death to Arabs’ and thought therefore that you were the one promoting violence…

    1. @ Becky: I’m bemused by hasabaroids who feel I owe them anything. This is not Twitter. This is my private blog. I run it. And it is neither your blog, nor owes anything to you or your comrades at Hasbara Central. So if you’re butt-hurt, get over it; or get out. Either way is OK by me.

    1. @Old Nag: How am i different than Twitter? Let me count the ways. I run my own blog with less than 500,000 visitors in the past year. I earn a few, a very few kopeks for my trouble. My blog specifically addresses a progressive audience (except for a few hasbara knuckleheads like you).

      Twitter is a public company whose shareholders and employees earn handsome returns or salaries. It earned $4-billion in 2020 with nearly 400-million monthly users and 7,500 employees. it professes to be a platform open to all (except Donald Trump) and to entertain diverse views.

      Other than that, we’re exactly the same

  2. Dear Richard, get over yourself. amazing that Twitrael or ZioFace would censor a fellow Jew, i mean “Israeli” ? i’m sure it’s never happened before 😂

    welcome to the world of social media zionist style.

    Michael ✊️🇵🇸♥️

    1. @ Michael Raab: With “friends” like you I don’t need enemies. First, I am not Israeli. Second, I can do without the sloganeering and the snark. I may agree with some of your opinions, but I don’t appreciate the provocative style.

    1. @Haim: Twitter is “running scared” because a multi billionaire has just made a $50-billion offer to buy it. Since the potential owner is a right-wing fascist, permitting left-wing content would only give him fuel to whine about Twitter being a left-wing cesspool.

      So yeah, Twitter has to be extra careful and suppressing controversial speech is one way to do that.

        1. @ Off Pitch: I will say whatever I like to you. If you don’t like it, you know what you can do.

          Newsweek is a hack media outlet. Essentially for hire. Not at all credible.

          Here are just a few media articles documenting Elon Musk’s far right white supremacist views:


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