8 thoughts on “Israel HaYom Fires Columnist Who Criticizes Bibi, Then She Sues – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. On what argument is she basing her case? Israel Hayom a.k.a. ביביטון was created to praise Caesar Bibi, not to bury him. You fail to deliver, you go.

  2. She’s a pretty good journalist and I hope she gets what the silly newspaper owes her and more.

    The “gangrape” story really aged like milk.. all Israelis involved were cleared of any guilt by the Cyprus court. I think that’s worth mentioning

    1. @ Borsalino: I think it’s worth mentioning that the Cypriot police raped the victim again after her initial rape by browbeating her into renouncing her confession and then attempting to prosecute her flor lying. The Israeli teenagers raped that woman and got away with it, as so many Israeli men do. It’s shameful and shows the domination of male machismo over an entire society.

      1. It’s shameful and shows the domination of male machismo over an entire society.

        ‘Same as where you live, Richard…just Google the words, ‘Seattle’ and ‘rapist’.

        1. @ Kareem: No sorry, we don’t have gang rapes of drugged women with the perpetrators treated to heroes’ welcome. Nor do we have professional soccer players leading the rape gang, nor fathers of the rapists who are major players in the ruling party defending their sons. I reserve that “honor” for Israel.

          Don’t post again in this thread.

          1.  “The two girls both reported feeling “totally out of it” soon afterward and were unable to walk, documents say. The seniors then told them to lie down on a bed.”

            “One girl reported that three of the males “cycled through me” as they had sex with her, according to the charges. She repeatedly said no, the charges allege. The four seniors are charged with raping her.”


          2. @Nate: You are truly pathetic. You compare a Seattle incident from 2016 in which four male students were actually charged, and presumably convicted of third-degree rape to an incident from 2019 in which a dozen Israeli teenage males gang-raped a young British woman. Those rapists didn’t spent a night in jail, left the scene of the crime with the blessing of the authorities and were welcomed home as heroes. At least in part because Israel & Cyprus are partners in lucrative oil and gas projects. And then in part due to a disgusting sense of male entitlement: if you want sex, you get it any way you can including by force, deceit, drugs, alcohol, etc. You actually and truly have the sheer unadulterated chutzpah to compare these incidents?

            Thousands of Israeli women are raped by men whom the State and police refuse to prosecute under the encompassing rubric of “insufficient evidence.” But really due to male privilege and misogyny, which is epidemic in Israel. Somehow Israeli male rape is kosher because rape happens everywhere. You are a shameful specimen of the male gender.

            I do not permit tag-team commenting. You are echoing the comment of Kareem. Besides duplicating his comment (a comment rule violation), it conveys the impression you are coordinating your efforts in some way or another. Don’t do that. There is plenty of hasbara fraud that goes on the comment threads and on the web in general. I will not permit it.

            No more comments in this thread.

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