12 thoughts on “Israeli Intelligence Aids African States Threatened by Islamist Insurgencies in Return for Normalization – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Interesting to see how this develops.. and surprising that oppressed people throw in their lot with the oppressor? But where shekels are concerned – er, ahem, sorry Kushner Benjamins – er sorry, $$ — we just never know. By the way, Sudan is a major supplier of terrorist fighters to the al Saud regime to employ as mercenaries and aggressors in the Saudi war on Yemen. Ironically, a recent drone strike by Ansarallah on King Abdullah airport injured a number of debarking Sudanese mercenaries! The idea though that Israel ‘protects’ anyone from Islamist insurgents is quite strange. There is sufficient evidence that Israel has in fact funded Islamists to do Israel’s dirty work, just duck duck go “israel supports syrian insurgents” for examples. More likely, the African nations are simply after Israeli weaponry since Israel is a prime global Merchant of Death (global arms dealer) also easily verified. Another curiosity, despite the alleged ‘bellicosity’ of Islamists about Israel, there has never been a single outside terror attack on Israel attributed to any takfiri group. Israel claims that’s due to their “anti-terror prowess” but like anything else Israel claims, that is absolutely untrue. regards

    1.  Another curiosity, despite the alleged ‘bellicosity’ of Islamists about Israel, there has never been a single outside terror attack on Israel attributed to any takfiri group.”

      Well, Steve Brown. Right and wrong.

      ISIS launched a lethal terror attack within Israel, and another attack was thwarted outside of Israel.


      I’m not sure where you’re going with this, Steve Brown, but I’m getting a bad feeling about you.

      1. @Cillian: This is nonsense. There has never been an ISIS terror attack against Israel.

        Don’t worry, Steve has a bad feeling about you… And I share it.

        Do not publish more than 3 comments in any 24 hr period. And do not publish again in this thread.

  2. Very good analysis, I just have a problem with one issue.

    Which African or Arab country has a democracy of the type you want Sudan to emulate?

    Sudan is a Muslim country. The African Christian countries are more likely to emulate the West and have a democracy of the type you evisage for Sudan.

    Democracies will never work in Middle Eastern or African nations. The tribal bonds dictate the social structure.

    1. @ Lenna: Ah, so we have a Christo-racist, Arabophone among us. There are many African countries which are democratic: Tunisia, South Africa, Nigeria, among them. But Sudan is forging its own path and doesn’t need models to emulate. What the military is doing is strangling the baby of Sudanese democracy in its cradle.

      The idea that an Arab country cannot be a democracy is both a lie and racist. Your comment violates the comment rules. Read them if you ever publish another comment here. Another violation will result in being moderated.

      1. [comment deleted: I warned you not to offer racist content here. You ignored me. I will not get into an argument about whether Arab nations can be democratic. Which ones are or aren’t, etc. They can be and are. If that’s a problem for you this may not be the place for you.]

  3. Richard. Your insinuation that Israel aided this military coup plainly makes no sense.
    Sudan’s military agreed to sign a normalization agreement with Israel in order that U.S. sanctions against it be removed, and the recent coup will most likely see these sanctions returned and the normalization agreement shelved or discarded entirely, to Israel’s detriment.

    Makes no sense, except maybe in the Tikkun Olam universe.

  4. “..What role did Israel play in it?..” a typical Richard’s Pavlovian reaction
    Clearly, nothing more needs be said; for the likes of Tikun Olam believers, it is now clear that Israel did play a role.
    True that some Israeli source (does גורם actually mean official? My English is yet not 100% perfect) offered praise for the coup in the self-proclaimed newspaper Bibiton, but is expressing an idea that the coup is politically beneficial, equivalent to taking a supporting part in it?

    1. @ Eli Gal:

      some Israeli source

      No, not “some” Israeli source, but an official government source. Big difference.

      does גורם actually mean official?

      Your English is not perfect, but you clearly know that the Hebrew word means an official government source (unless you also don’t know Hebrew). You also know that this means the Israeli government has endorsed the coup.

      You should also know that the leader of the Darfur genocide, Hemeti, who is a top leader of the military junta secretly visited Israel, meeting with Mossad and other military-intelligence figures in early October 2 weeks before the coup. What do you think they discussed? The weather? Those gorgeous Tel Aviv beaches?

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