21 thoughts on “Hezbollah Brings Lebanon to the Brink to Avoid Blame for Beirut Disaster – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Pile it on Richard. Keep piling it on.

    I ask anyone gullible or uninformed, to watch the many videos of the Beirut Port explosion and note the sequence of events. A small fire that grows larger, hundreds of exploding fireworks, the arrival of the fire brigade, and than the huge explosion of ammonium nitrate.

    The spark which started the fire came from a crew of welders sent to seal a warehouse door. Within minutes of the welders departure, a fire starts within the warehouse.

    Richard, without a single shred of direct or circumstantial evidence, blames Israel.

    Richard. When did Israel have the opportunity to attack the warehouse that day?
    The welders were there all afternoon and the fire brigade was on the scene within minutes of the welders departure.

    Why are there no traces of the precision guided missile parts you claim were the target?
    Why would Hezbollah store these valuable parts in a warehouse whose door, for months, couldn’t close properly?
    Why would Israel attack the warehouse in broad daylight with so many witnesses working at the docks? What happened to the secret underground Hezbollah city under the docks that you alleged? What happened to the sonic evidence you alleged was proof of an Israeli attack? You know, those underwater pings used to search natural gas fields near Cyprus.

    Please tell us more about this mysterious Uruguayan ship. The identity and GPS track of the ship would be a good start.

    Why not simply take this unique opportunity and apologize to Israel for you’re having published your false story about her involvement in this sad Lebanese affair.

    Be a mensch.

    1. @ Ben G: So I’ll let you in on a little secret, Ben. My source has direct contact with a senior Israeli minister who knows exactly what Israel did and why it did it. You can pose as many questions as you want trying desperately to trump my reporting. I could care less about your alleged facts. I know what happened. My source knows what happened. You? You know bupkis.

      But before I go, you’ve misstated much of what I wrote in my reporting last year. Just one example, I never said there was an underground city, I said the weapons may have been stored in an underground bunker. You know, the kind Hezbollah built in southern LEbanon when it fought against the IDF?

      You’re making one fatal mistake. You’re confusing the amonnium nitrate warehouse with the Hezbollah weapons cache. It was not stored in the same building as the ammonium nitrate. It was obviously close enough by to ignite that. But it was located in a different space entirely. But why am I wasting my time on you?

      Why not simply take this unique opportunity and apologize to Israel

      I will take this unique opportunity to tell you to go fuck yourself. You’re now moderated. Post another POS comment like this again and you won’t publish here again.

      You are done in this thread.

      1. [comment deleted: you clearly don’t know what “you are done in this thread” means. Or else you thought you’d defy me. At any rate you’re now banned entirely.]

  2. Many Lebanese Christians support Hezbollah.

    The people of Lebanon support Hezbollah.

    I find it hard to believe that they would not have been aware that Hezbollah stores weapons caches in dangerous places.

    1. @ Varm: “Many” Christians support Hezbollah? No, the Christians allied with Aoun support Hezbollah. THe Christians allied with Samir Geagea are opposed to Hezbollah. Many more Christians oppose Hezbollah than support it.

      And no, the “people of Lebanon” don’t support Hezbollah. The party won approximately 30% of the vote, which isn’t even a majority. Many Lebanese may support Hezbollah’s resistance to Israel. But that doesn’t mean that overall they support Hezbollah.

      As for what Lebanese would have been aware of regarding Hezbollah weapons caches, do you think any Lebanese who knew Hezbollah was storing weapons somewhere would have had the courage to complain about this? What would be their fate if they did?

  3. Dear Mr. Silverstein,
    I would like to remark that out the international press, for the last several years, this on going “cold” war between wars as Israel name it, caused very little human casualties, and Israel emphasize it. We have noticed that most of those actions are being carried out during nights, in a precise manner in order to avoid/ prevent unnecessary damage.
    You claim that Israel attack Beirut’s port at midday, days after the targeted parts were placed there, with a very high probability for human casualties.
    It does not fit the action pattern of Israel.
    I’ll appreciate your comment on that.

    1. @ A ber: So it’s the old “Israel is careful not to kill civilians and the IDF is the most moral army…” routine, is it? “Very little human casualties?” Really? And where did you hear this fairy tale?

      Israel may have many reasons to attack Syria at night. But protecting civilians is probably lowest on the list, if it’s on the list at all. Israel has no problem with causing civilian casualties wherever it attacks, whether in Gaza, Lebanon or Syria.

      Israeli intelligence would have known whether there would be civilians in the area it intended to attack. It only intended to bomb the weapons cache, which was a specific target. It probably thought there would be no collateral damage to civilians. It certainly didn’t intend to blow up half the city and kill 200 people. But accidents happen as they say. And they fucked up.

      1. Hello again,

        Richard. Has your source, who I believe you said is a reporter with Israel’s Defense Ministry, provided you with any additional, corroborative evidence over the past year that substantiates his claim that Israel caused the Beirut port explosion?
        Witness testimony? Forensics?

        1. @ Cillian: No I did not say my source was a reporter with the defense ministry. In fact, this is wrong. But the source learned this information from a senior minister and that’s all I can say.

          How would my source have “witness testimony?” Is he going to Beirut to interview victims? Or giving me transcripts of internal intelligence briefings on the operation? And how would my source obtain forensic evidence? Nose around the blast site? Steal evidence from the Lebanese authorities? Get real.

  4. Russia is aware of essentially every flying object in the region. Wouldn’t it know if Israel bombed the port of Beirut? And if it did know such a thing, would it be shy about making that public? It has not been shy about calling Israel out in the recent past.

      1. I’m not sure I understand.

        The bomb that Israel detonated was in a different warehouse than the one housing the ammonium nitrate, yet no one saw or heard that explosion in the secret Hezbollah weapons bunker.

        The videos only show a fire in the warehouse containing the AN.

        1. @ Cillian: Stop telling us what “no one saw or heard” or what the “videos only show.” You have no idea what anyone saw or heard, nor what the video showed. There is absolutely no proof backing what you claim.

          In fact, the video shows two explosions, smaller original one and a much larger 2nd one.

          You are done in this thread.

  5. My source told me Nuland was in town and there were right-wing Christian snipers shooting from buildings at demonstrators. This time the military did apprehend some of the shooters instead of the victims.
    Another source told me the judge is very biased and under pressure to divert the court to a lets-blame-hezbollah-again case. This time Hezbollah sent a preemptive warning, don’t let some corrupt judge ruin the country and sell it for some dollars.

  6. Tikun Olam is giving the view of Greater Israel. The IDF was defeated by Hezbollah a few years ago on the Lebanese Border. The Lebanese Economy has been Robbed by the Head of the Lebanon National Bank,.Thats why they have No Funds for Fuel in the Beirut Power Station. The Port Explosion was caused by incompetance and neglect by the Authorities.

  7. Keep telling lies and blocking every other opinion that is not yours- keep being a youthful and “Democrat” person.
    I really like to read your staff but man…sometimes you are talking bullshit

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