10 thoughts on “Israel’s Political Dysfunction Could Lead to Iran Disaster – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. And just why is Iran in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq anyway? Iranians aren’t even Arabic. They share no language or culture.

    Is Norway up in the affairs of Denmark and Poland? Did Norway have a nuclear weapons program?
    Is Norway fighting proxy wars in lands near and far?

    Hasn’t Iran learnt, from recent history, that Imperialism is dead?

    Which country do you really think is more dysfunctional, Israel or Iran?

    1. @ Veni: And since when have you become an expert on Iran? And why does Iran need your permission to define its regional interests?

      Let’s leave aside the red herring of Norway and instead use a far more apt regional analogy: Is Israel up in the affairs or Lebanon and Syria? Does Israel have a nuclear weapons program? Has Israel fought proxy wards in lands near and far? Oh yeah!

      BTW, you clearly don’t know much about Scandanavian history, in which Sweden was once one of the most powerful countries in Europe and fought many wars there. As for wars fought by Norway against its neighbors–there were many. Whoever’s doing research for you over there at Hasbara Central should be fired.

      As for Iran, it hasn’t started a war in 300 years. Israel? Not so much…

      As for dysfunctional, I’d say both countries are dysfunctional, though in different ways.

    2. Norway was actually a part of Denmark untill 1814. Then Norway became a part of Sweden. Norway got its independence in 1905. During the Kalmar Union in 15 century all Nordic countries belonged to this union . Norway is part of Nato and has participated to many of those imperialist operations USA has created. In Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq etc. Norway did not participate to the heroic Grenada war when USA with a whole carrier group did beat this small Karibian island. By the way this Grenada war is the only war USA has clearly won since the WW2.

      Norway doesn’t need now nukes, in Norway are/will be increasing number of US nukes. They in Norway are now building harbor for US attacksubs and airports for B-52’s. And these are not armed with flowers. If imperialism would be dead then US military would not had at least 200,000 active-service members abroad, being deployed across 170 countries worldwide. Only a total nut claims that they are teaching citizens democracy, helping girls to go to school, hunting terrorists etc. They are doing the same as Roman soldiers did in Israel 2000 years ago. Taking care of USA’s interests and democracy is not one of them. Cheap raw materials and cheap labor producing cheap products for USA is.

  2. Nominating Thomas Nides, managing director of Morgan Stanley, is a succes story for the Abraham “Business” Accords … to attain peace, no one should be left out … Lebanon and Syria … enough wealth to go around, stop wasting $$$ on arms and expensive fighter planes.

    Netanyahu and Assad were so close on an agreement of Golan Heights at the end of 2010. Great timing of the Arab Uprising. 😠

  3. I’m not completely convinced that the so called errant SAM missile that landed in the general vicinity of Dimona was just that. I think it could also have been a tacit warning to Israel by Iran, through its proxies, that they can wreak havoc on Israel’s nuclear program just like Israel does to Iran’s nuclear program.

  4. Biden reportedly won’t reverse Trump recognition of Western Sahara as Morocco’s. Blinken thanks Moroccan FM for normalizing with Israel.

  5. As per the title, what is meant by ‘could lead to disaster’ Richard?

    I want to learn what you consider to be a disastrous outcome, you did not say it above.

    1. @ Abdal: A military attack on Iran: invasion, regime change, etc. Or any combination of tragedies or accidents which lead to that. With subsequent counter-attacks by Iran and its proxies leading to massive loss of life on both sides.

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