2 thoughts on “Avrum Burg Says “No” to Israeli Judeo-Supremacy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Timely article as the pendulum swings back.

    Via my post here

    The term ‘Judeo-Christian’ has been misused for political ends – a new ‘Abrahamic’ identity offers an alternative

    The US Senate overrides Trump’s veto!

    The Confederacy lost and once again the revival of White Supremacy under Trump the BIG LOSER. THE END is near … see ye in Mar-a-Lago.

    Pope Francis too have resisted the populist misuse of term Judeo-Christian.

  2. just as he said the court won’t touch that one with any length foot pole
    he cant be erased of the registry , as the registry acts as census and therefore all present must be accounted for, he can be without religion but not erased
    that is all open eyed human being result of twisted legislations. by enshrining apartheid and hair cutting to justify it you create rejection, but all have the guts to say so.
    countless times i’ve said that my grandfather had his own synagogue in his own house and yet i know he’s doing the twirling dervish in his tomb by what goes as jewishness in here.
    i will never accept that any jew can call me a goy for whatever i do and yet rabis go around saying there are many goyims in this country. they are not talking about arabs or russians they are talking about anyone that does not belong to their sect.
    dear oui – there may be one voice in israel that has the courage to stand out. no one zero one in here now or going forward will redress this. in 20 years we will have walls all around little arab refugee camps/towns/cities all over the west bank and the world will be navel gazing distracted by whatever is is the news cycle
    the times of the 70s80s where men were men is gone , trump and bibi and boris have made sure of that. biden and futures will just file the rough edges of the weeds but the weeds will still stay and grow they won’t be uprooted.
    we are seeing the uglyness being cemented forever , sadly
    evita said it well — dont cry for me argentina. what’s past will stay in the past never to return,

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