25 thoughts on “Israel’s German-Built, Nuclear-Armed Sub Opens New Front Against Iran and Allies – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. colonialism was never successful (unless its done by china – tibet, nepal,part of india – but then these are attached territories that can be liberated via an ss like ever present army and inviting chinese to live there)
    not a single ex-colony remains,
    but noooooo israel is “superior” the result will be a self imposed noose around its neck
    israel has yet to learn how finicky is islam and its ruler, suffice it be just one to turn the entire babel tower.
    bibi’s main drive is greed his own and never for the good of anyone else , never satisfied.
    also lets not forget that a cornered anything will lash out without caring of the consequences .
    so buyer beware
    and here’s another reason why jews bring upon themselves other peoples anger, to what extreme they will go to appropriate someone else’s anything going up to and including “ideas’
    How Pixar’s ‘Soul’ borrows from an ancient Jewish idea IF THIS IS NOT JEWISH CHUTSPAH I DONT KNOW WHAT IS,

    1. <em>”… another reason why jews bring upon themselves other peoples anger … </em>

      This is not exclusive to Israel.

      The inherent evil in corporatism and capitalism.

      IBM providing <a href=”https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/ibm-and-quot-death-s-calculator-quot”>Hollorith</a> automation to the Nazi’s.

      The German-Egyptian axis for rockets and chemical warfare – read Operation Damocles.

      1. dear oui
        grow a brain of your own rather than dig for crap –
        grow a guilt feeling of your own rather than throw crap on else
        i will not engage in a cockfight to the worst
        try to benefit humanity rather than destroy it
        look at the good you do for others – selfishly
        dont hasbara me , or anyone who tries to redress ugliness

        1. @ Nessim Dayan:

          grow a brain of your own rather than dig for crap –
          grow a guilt feeling of your own rather than throw crap on

          Please tone down the rhetoric. I know you both and you’re on the same side. Save the vitriol for people who are the real enemy of truth and justice.

          1. I thought the comments are for real discussion, but apparently, if I disagree with you, I deserve a vitriol response.

            I doubt you can fix the world this way.

          2. @ Ariel: Aw, did I hurt your feelings? Seriously, when you publish comments like you do you should expect pushback and you will get it.

            As for fixing the world, of course I won’t fix it to your satisfaction: that would mean a world filled with rights and privileges for some, and filled with injustice for the vast majority.

          3. [comment deleted: after repeated violations of the comment rules and warnings against doing so, you have chosen to ignore them. You are now banned.]

          4. thanks for the reminder, hope 21 will fix what 20 rained on us
            re oui – i’ve never liked either “keeping up with the joneses” nor “holier than thou”
            i see the holier so much so frequently in here seems the chip on the shoulder is only an excuse to have the last word.
            in here no matter who no matter what no matter where no why , everybody seems dogged in having the last word no by improving on the tone but by belittling

  2. Now even a murderous Crown Prince from Arabia is kept seated on his throne of power … being offered Jordan’s Hashemite custodianship of al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem as compensation of a Judas embrace. The KSA’s ultimate revenge on the treachery by Yasser Arafat and King Hussein to support Saddam Hussein at the outbreak of the 1st Gulf War in 1990.


  3. Richard said:

    “Not content to fight Iran on its existing fronts in Lebanon and Syria Israel has, over the past few months, opened a new front in Iraq. “

    Why did Israel attack Iraq? Because Israel’s excellent Intelligence informed  that Iran was building a logistical storage base in Iraq for missiles to be deployed to Syria or Lebanon for attacks on Israel.


    Richard said:

    “The truth of the matter is that Israel has brought this escalation on itself.”

    Shame on Israel for making peace with UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.


    Richard said:

    “That Dolphin submarine now patrolling the Persian Gulf would certainly play a major role in such an attack.”

    There is zero evidence that any Dolphin submarine is currently operating in the Persian Gulf, and there is zero evidence that any Dophin submarine has ever entered the Persian Gulf

    “Zero. Point. Zero.”

    “..surveillance outposts… monitor sea traffic in the Gulf and the activities of Iran’s military and its proxies in the region..”

    Richard. The more accurate Intelligence Israel has, the less chance of Iran and Israel accidentally blundering into a hot conflict.

    “A projection of its [Israel] power far beyond its own borders.”

    And Iran isn’t projecting it’s power right up to Israel’s border? 
    Puhleez. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

    “This outcome is most likely to befall Israel as well.  Its history is full of such examples”

    Examples which Iran should learn from as well as she continues to expand her regional hegemony and make mischief.

    I wonder who was behind today’s bombing at Yemen’s airport where a plane carrying a newly formed government for Yemen arrived from Saudi Arabia.

    Cui bono? Israel?

    “Similarly, it repeatedly attacked Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria and those of his Hezbollah and Iranian allies, hoping that Syria would become a fragmented state”

    Israel’s attacks in Syria are limited to preventing Iranian missiles from being sent to Hezbollah or Iranian proxies in Syria.

    Israel has in no way intervened in Syria to the extent of Iran, Turkey, Russia and the United States and her allies.


    1. please someone send an ambulance to pick me up the floor, i think i cracked a few ribs laughing
      please take your act on the road, the middle of the road preferably
      cheap hasbara

  4. Yes, yes and yes, but ….! The fact is that those pulling the strings behind this political circus are the arms manufacturers and high tech companies. We are Gravitating towards a world in which the only possibility to survive is to work towards the death and suffering of others. It is disgusting and it is quite obvious that Germany and Israel share this objective of ridding the world of The ethical prerogatives that have hampered efforts by the rich and privileged to simply own everything.

  5. [comment deleted: anti-Semitic comments are not permitted. You are now banned. Your real name is “Kaplan” like my real name is Rockefeller]

      1. no one is bombing no one , except for broken down countries and militias
        data destruction is way more satisfactory it leaves the enemy naked and penniless and alive to suffer
        watch an old robert redford movie called sneakers to realize the value of data
        russian have done more damage to microsoft and us gov than many atomics, it will take years to undo , how many targets should have been destroyed to get the same result , without death.
        stop sweating the past and who is posturing by peeing further,

  6. [comment deleted: anti-Israel vitriol that offers no argument or substance other than insult, is not permitted]

  7. German government doesn’t have to ensure US follows international law on drone strikes, court rules | Military Times – Nov. 25, 2020 |

    Iranian authorities had previously said the US had used the Ramstein Air Base in southwestern Germany in Soleimani’s assassination. The base serves as headquarters for the US Air Forces in Europe, in addition for NATO Allied Air Command, and has acted as a control centre for the US drone operations in West Asia for the past few years.

  8. [comment deleted: Read the comment rules as was urged before you published your first comment here. Do NOT argue with them. Follow them. I make editorial judgments. That’s why it’s my blog. Respect the rules and your comments will be published. Don’t respect them and they won’t.]

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