15 thoughts on “Israeli Police State Has Backdoor ISP Access to Every Citizen and Website, Cellebrite Claims to Break Signal App Encryption – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Sepp: Israel is very good at sniffing out which way the political winds are blowing. Of course, it realizes that the protest movement will eventually topple the dictator. It wants to be in on the ground floor with whichever leader comes forward to replace him. This isn’t a moral choice. This is a cynical decision based on naked power calculations.

      And no, Israel hasn’t “betrayed” Lukashenko. In fact, the Israeli official who held this meeting probably went directly to the Belarusian intelligence services and told them what was said in the meeting; after telling the Mossad first, of course.

      No more comments from you in this thread.

  1. All this is par for the course in the Israeli police state.

    I am concerned that you describe Maduro as a ‘dictator’. He isn’t. He was elected and has faced a massive destabilisation campaign from Trump and Obama before him. It would not be surprising that when you are in a war situation that you act against your opponents like a dictator.

    The regime in Venezuela, for all its faults, is seen as an anti-imperialist one by most people on the left

  2. I think most countries are going towards this. It is not particular to Israel. From what I have read in several places there are 60,000,000 cameras in Eng with a total pop of 62,000,000.
    I assume you have seen the latest news in Israel. They want to give ‘green passports’ to those who take the Covid vaccination thus barring those without one entrance into many places. The only problem is that 50-75% of the pop do not want it.

    1. @ Avram: There are a number of problems. First among them is you offer no credible evidence for your claims. Saying “most countries” are doing x or y means nothing without a source and evidence. In fact, I know of no democratic countries which permit a backdoor for internet traffic. There may be one or two, but I haven’t heard of any. So if you want to compare Israel to Belarus or North Korea and say Israel is doing what they are, fine with me. But it’s not a flattering comparison.

      Comparing CCTV cameras to internet backdoors is comparing apples to oranges. Surveillance cameras are placed in public spaces where people have less expectation of privacy. You don’t own open spaces where the cameras are placed. But you do own your electronic devices and their content. They are yours and private. Or at least they should be. Snoops have no right to it whether they are hacking companies or secret police.

      And if you are a criminal, there are many other ways to catch you doing illegal acts than rummaging through your cell phone. The truth is–hacking a cell phone is an easy shortcut for police so they don’t have to engage in the sort of painstaking investigative work they traditionally would have to do in solving crime. So naturally they take the easy way out and go for the hack.

  3. hey guy [ you are messing with the “ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST”
    if that’s not the biggest lie/joke of the last 2000 years i don’t know a good joke
    what are we voting for, what’s the purpose of the elections charade –
    not even erdogan has that – PUTIN / XI FOR SURE =
    and to whom does bibi go to cry when iran does this or that / to whom does katz sell israel for a bunch of second grade plastic full containers.
    why should you be surprised ==== shame on you for your naivete === this is not ellsberg
    what should you is that a “left / smolani” newspaper had the guts to put it in black and white
    and yet the bibists will tell you that this is for the “PROTECTION” == just as bibi ran as THE PROTECTOR., years ago
    and yet you should see the despise that likudniks and other alike have for haaretz
    they don’t care to see the truth just as trump won the elections. samo samo

  4. btw = havent you read in a newspaper that nso’s software has gone to mexican cartels and now just about every poor shmo in mexico fears for his life – not far that even the government sold it to cartels. surprised, not yet. if cartels have it , it will become just another torrent to download for free in a few weeks. then who’s safe == herd contagion gone digital
    oh and were did that genius software was born , no not in a private company , all these genius programmers got their “free” education in the israel “DEFENSE” force (because you see israel does not have an army , it has a DEFENSE force ==😂

  5. This of course is a clear violation of a developer code of conduct which prohibits someone from taking advantage of the transparency of the code product in order to render it useless.”

    No such thing. Point to it.

    1. @ Foo: You raise an interesting question. Here’s one rebuttal to your claim. I am sure there are others. It seems obvious that if you create an open source philosophy built on transparency and sharing of knowledge in order to improve the artifact you are creating, that those who adhere to open source philosophy would denounce such bad actors. After all, someone who steals or manipulates open source code in order to devalue, hack and destroy a product is striking at the very essence of the entire philosophy. It seems obvious, except to pro-Israel cynics like you who either do it yourself for a living, or know other Israelis who do.

  6. Why did this all come about?

    “According to the information obtained by Haaretz, the idea and initial proposal were born after the 2014 kidnapping and murder of three Israeli youths in the West Bank.

    1. @ Forrest: Unclear what your point is. If it’s that the backdoor is justified because it was launched in response to a terror attack, that’s may possibly be the reason. But if it is it’s nonsense because you don’t need to access the online search history of every Israeli to catch a terrorist.

  7. dec 21 – yet another hack this time saudis and emiratis using ,, surprise surprise,,, NSO hacked DOZENSSS OF AL JAZEERA JOURNALISTS —- am sure none were saudi or emirati citizens—, this according to U. of Toronto lab research apparently all using ios pre 14, oh surprise surprise ,
    i dont understand all these people who still use outdated drivers and firmware, first and only computer rule is ALWAYS KEEP YOUR DRIVERS AND FIRMWARE UP TO DATE, SOFTWARE ONLY IN PCs. most most hacks use outdated codes, most respected software companies always immediately issue updates when they get wind of attacks successes.
    btw there is also this which is also Israeli researchers use RAM as a small Wi-Fi transmitter to leak sensitive data from isolated systems === this is done to access servers used by banks and others that are NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET and transmit their data up to certain distance and can be caught by other pc’s as receivers . will this lead to something positive — coming from bibi founded research i doubt it, go ahead thumb me down, i know you live in planet hasbara,

  8. i hope i pray for santa to tell me this is the beginning of the end = i ve been a good boy

    Tech Giants vs. NSO: Google, Microsoft and Others Join Facebook’s Battle Against Israeli Spytech Firm

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