19 thoughts on “Biden’s Betrayal of the Democratic Left – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Great article and analysis Richard. The ethical and moral viewpoints are undisputed. US Congress, politics and Western foreign policy is all about might, wealth and spread of capitalism around the globe as if it was a renewed exploitation of a New World with the sword of christians as cover. See the daily Bible briefings by Rumsfeld and Cheney for president Bush and the seat of religious zealots Trump was hoisted in by extreme evangelicals. The separation of state and religion has been a farce for decades now. See also Poland and extreme right, morals and Catholic hierarchy. Mankind should be deeply ashamed of the suffering by the masses in Third World nations and the inequality here at home. To be social is inherent in Jewish faith and teachings of Jesus. The voices of moderation aren’t heard in a new generation of tech giants, AI and robotical warfare destroying lives. Many nations like the Philippines, US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran are based on a culture of death. Same can be said of China and Russia.The federal executions expedited in a lame-duck presidency of Donald Trump reminds me of a Texas Governor and State AG Alberto Gonzales. A culture of gun violence leads to fear, stress and a population easily manipulated by enemies of the state.
    There is only hope for US politics when honest people like Bernie Sanders and progressive voices are heard. Your article would do well as a platform for such a democratic movement. Chapeau.

  2. Excellent Richard. Biden’s honeymoon barely begun maybe over? I was churning about his seeming allergy to progressives in his appointments and cabinet selections. He’s ignoring Sanders and Warren probably because they are senators but they hopefully would be comfortably replaced. They both deserve high or cabinet positions.Biden must feel that he owes Clyburn.Clyburn has risen! But Clyburn does not represent all blacks either though he turned the presidential race around against Sanders so the sclerotic moderates could sigh relief.
    I like Biden for decency since Trump has sunk us so low, like most do but I am not liking where we seem to be going, certainly not in foreign affairs.I guess he has enough to do steadying the ship,repairing what he can from the executive office.This will be especially so if we lose Georgia.

    Progressive issues are the growing tip of this country. They get demagogued and fear-mongered, defined,not only by Republicans,but by so-called moderate Democrats. Socialism! That commenting that now blames progressives for the Democratic losses in this election irks me no end.
    Progressive issues tend to get accepted, if they are, by the party after too long a slog. Some issues are long overdo: climate change, healthcare (as a right).

  3. The sooner the American left realises that it will never prosper inside an openy capitalist and imperialist party the better. The trade unions need to set up a party of labour not support a corporate capitalist party

    1. @ Tony Greenstein: I think our trade unions, with a few exceptions, may be ever more dire circumstances than in the UK. Membership is way, way down. Many unions are either corrupt or run by cliques. There are a few truly progressive unions. But they would not be enough to populate an entire movement. And most are supporting Bernie who, while independent, is essentially a Democrat.

  4. Ethics, morals and a progressive vision won’t help Biden defeat ‘Trumpism’.

    Donald Trump is not going quietly into the night.
    Trump and his Republican running dogs are going to fight Biden day in and day out for the next four years. Biden simply doesn’t have the luxury to include Progressives in his Cabinet.

    He has to stay in the middle of the road, or get shoved in a ditch by Trump first chance he gets.

    1. Sepp– that is the very problem: Democrats capitulating, moderating, compromising before the fight, before going the the people and making the case. Middle of the road is nowhere when people are suffering, angry, want change.

    2. @ Sepp: Yours is the very tired, hoary thinking I’m fighting against in this post. Betraying progressive values inspires no one. Had this been 2016, Biden would have done far worse than Hillary did. And in four years, if he runs again, he probably won’t have Trump as a powerful foil driving voters to him. He will die on the vine in 2024 if he runs because he stands for nothing. He’s an older, kindlier version of Keir Starmer. Who’s inspired by that?

      Democratic voters want a vision, a program, a set of values. Both Obama (as a candidate) and Bernie offered that. Biden offers none of that.

      1. @Potter

        What you fail to see, is that many Americans are “suffering, angry, want change”, and that they’ve chosen Trump!
        Progressives have tried, and failed, to convince White, rural Americans, that Socialism is their natural ally.


        Four years of Trump has sickened and weakened America, and America doesn’t need the ‘kill or cure’ treatment demanded by Progressives.

        America needs quiet, routine, and moderation, as if she’s a recovering trauma patient.

        1. @ Sepp: No more comments in this thread. And do not repeat yourself when you post in a comment thread. This comment is a repeat of exactly what you posted earlier. Do not do that.

          America needs vision and leadership. Biden offers somnolence. That inspires no one. It leads to a suffocating status quo. It may satisfy people for a few months or a year. But in time, they will recognize Biden’s offering nothing new, nothing of substance. He will try for one or two signature achievements and try to coast on the backs of those (if he succeeds in enacting them). It won’t work.

          I reject your claim about the progressive agenda. It is offensive. You are skating on thin ice.

      2. Even as a candidate Obama’s vision was purple America and we loved it as if saying so made it so. Biden now too.Then Obama went hat in hand with compromises to the scorched earth GOP. Biden seems (so far) as though he’s going to lock progressives in the back room like people used to do with their mentally ill. I hope not. Democratic moderates help the GOP by comparing their “far radical left” to the Trump embraced far right. Actually progressives are a centralizing force to the rightward moving Democratic Party. “Centrist”/moderate Democrats seem to have a hard time tolerating their visionary, growing, energizing tip; the vitality. They are frightened of it because the GOP knows how to characterize this. Biden of necessity, because of their support, held talks with progressives prior to the election. This gave hope of real change. 
        Biden won largely because of his decency in comparison to Trump. He was the anti-Trump. I don’t believe he responded to Trump’s most egregious attacks; he kept it positive. Enough voters, including the progressively minded put side all else and it worked. Yet now we have the internal blame game about down ballot losses; it’s the fault of the progressives…parroting Trumpists, it’s “open borders” “defund the police” and “the Green New Deal” that “would put a $600,000 tax burden on every household.” “Socialism!”

    1. @ Ariel: He’s my future president. I pay his salary. I sure can tell him what to do. Or at least what I want him to do. Do you mean to say Republicans who didn’t vote for him have no right to tell him what they think he should do?

      How long does it take you to come up with these foolish notions? I sure hope it’s not too long. Because they come across as shallow and ill-considered. Tell Hasbara Central we were hoping for something a bit more challenging than what you offer.

      1. You also paid Trump’s salary and all the US army/navy/marines/air-force “murderers” around the globe.

        Keep that in mind next time you go all out and write about how every Israeli is to blame for Bibi’s actions.

        The hypocrisy of you and many of the left is so obvious. The excuses and hair-splitting explanations for how and why it is different show why you lads are irrelevant, which is exactly why Biden doesn’t give this part of the party more than the minimal attention required.

        1. @ Ariel: The problem with Gotcha hasbara of your sort is that it’s old and someone has already tried it. So the attempt at whataboutism in which you say “but what about the terrible things your own government does?” fails because your hasbara troll pals have not only tried it once here, but scores of times. It’s so old. So here’s the response which I’ve offered countless times before: I have nothing to answer for…because unlike you I’ve denounced the criminality of my own government. And I’ve done it not just during Republican administration’s, but Democratic ones as well.

          And as for Biden ignoring progressives: he does so at his peril. Progressives brought him victory. They can snatch it away too. Though he has abandoned progressives for his national security and foreign policy nominations, he is being sensitive to progressive concerns on domestic affairs. He just abandoned a nominee for EPA because she has offended the environmental justice movement.

          The only way in which “every Israeli is guilty of Bibi’s actions” is when Israelis as a whole vote for right-wing governments. Then, as is proper in democratic societies, citizens take responsibility for the actions of their government. Either they remain silent and are culpable or they support the policies outright or they oppose them. The current protests against Netanyahu mainly focus on his corruption. They deliberately avoid talking about his policies toward Arab states or Palestinians. So this opposition doesn’t get Israelis off the hook, I’m afraid.

          1. Whataboutism is just a cheap way to discard an argument of the opponent.

            The argument doesn’t simply say “If others are doing it then why can’t I?” but “The fact that others are doing it means it is actually sensible and moral b/c the world is not as black and white.”

            For example, you warn some commenters about breaking the comment rules while others go unearned. So when you warn someone and he replies “But Oui did the same”, it isn’t whataboutism but questioning the comment rules and whether they were put in place to enhance the conversation or as a restriction tool to suppress voices on the comment thread.

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