9 thoughts on “What to Expect from a President Biden – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Yours is idle speculation.

    There can be no political prognostication until the two Georgia Senate seats are filled by run off elections, in January. The results of the two run-offs may determine a Senate majority.

    A Senate majority allows for filling powerful, Senate Committee chairmanships which allows for investigations, appropriations, etc.

    Than, and only than, can we begin to speculate on what the new Biden administration can do.

    1. @Wunsch: Neither Democrat can win a 1 on 1 race against a Republican Senate candidate. What’s worse for Democrats is that both Democratic candidates must win for them to gain control. Much as I would like to see it happen, it won’t.

    1. @ Wunsch: She is fabulous. But she can’t work miracles. And winning two head to head matches with GOP candidates would be even greater than a miracle.

      Georgia is definitely purple leaning to blue (in the medium-long term). But it’s not there yet. With a horrible GOP presidential candidate, Trump came within inches of winning Georgia a 2nd time. With a saner GOP presidential candidate (admittedly a tall order for the national Party) a Democrat will have an even tougher time.

    1. @ Jeal: If you think that this post and my MEE piece constitute a “celebration” of Biden then either you didn’t read the pieces, or you’re ignoring their content.

      Feeling relieved that a tyrant has been overthrown is different than celebrating his replacement. I have plenty of reservations about Biden, and some of them are in both of those pieces.

  2. Two things that Biden and Harris can do which will undo some of the worst actions of Trump and William Barr:

    Oppose the efforts to extradite and prosecute Julian Assange.

    Oppose the upcoming executions of two federal prisoners November 19 and December 8.

  3. The major win for supporting Joe Biden was to get rid of a misfit president … the damage done domestically and on foreign policy cannot be undone in a single four year term.

    The Obama/Biden years made crucial mistakes by supporting regime change in Syria and Libya. I understand Susan Rice is frontrunner for State?

    Republican Senate managed to set ME policy with PM Netanyahu instead of president Obama. HRC at State was a huge mistake. Support for Qatar, Turkey with Erdogan (MB) backfired as the JCPOA did not take root.

    The backlash is the Abraham Accords and the superficial alliance of Israel with Arab Gulf dictatorships. Human Rights has less priority than capitalistic financial gains. The Planet suffers.

    It took Netanyahu 12 long hours before sending a double message of congratulations to president-elect and heartfelt appreciation to his best friend.


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