9 thoughts on “Israeli Weapons Fuel Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict and Grease Palms of Corrupt Elite – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is the clearest “who’s on first” of the Armenian/Azeri conflict I’ve heard yet. Thank you, Richard. I’m a peace activist and know that any friend of Israel almost to a certainty is no friend to peace.

    1. @ Wunsch:

      This current conflict over Nagorno Karabhak has…next to nothing to do with Israel

      Gee, $5-billion in arms sales over the past few years is an awful lot of “nothing!”

      Let me give you some unsolicited advice about improving your hasbara chops. If you begin by conceding some validity to the opposing argument and then proceed to distort reality in Israel’s favor, you will score more points. When you dive right into the argument and deny any validity to the opposing argument you discredit yourself.

    1. @ Wunsch: Actually, both sides are using cluster bombs, and the Azeris are using Israeli cluster bombs. And the most deadly of all the weapons in use are Israeli drones used by the Azeris to kill civilians and Armenian troops.

      And while we’re talking about cluster bombs, there are still Israeli cluster bombs killing Lebanese civilians a decade after the war. Some of them were supplied by the US and used in contravention to US law.

      No more comments in this thread.

  2. Richard.

    In your headlong rush to ‘blackwash’ Israel, your article has omitted two salient facts.

    First, the cluster munitions in question were delivered to Azerbaijan twelve (12) years ago.


    Second, those Israeli manufactured munitions are were specifically designed to self-destruct and not to loiter on the ground and injure civilians like other cluster munitions will do.

  3. Richard says:

    And the most deadly of all the weapons in use are Israeli drones used by the Azeris to kill civilians and Armenian troops.

    Where is you proof Israeli drones are the most deadly?
    My source, below, says Turkish drones are inflicting the casualties.

    ‘Though Azerbaijani authorities have not said what type of drones have been employed in these strikes, it is likely that they involve Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2s, which the country reportedly began the process of acquiring in June. The TB2, which is capable of launching small precision-guided munitions, has already proven itself in combat, especially against short-range air defenses, in Syria and Libya.’

    ‘Azerbaijan has also acquired an increasing number of other kinds of drones over the years, including Israeli-made loitering munitions, such as the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Harop. It’s unclear if any of these have been employed in strikes so far, but they have been used in skirmishes in Nagorno-Karabakh in the past’.


    Where is you proof, Richard?
    I don’t think you have any.

    You can threaten me and muzzle me, but the Truth will out.

    The Truth will out!

    1. @ Wunsch: Your source doesn’t say what you claim. It says that they know for sure that the Turkish drones are operative in the conflict. The fact that they say they don’t know whether Israeli drones are operating means exactly what it says: they don’t know. Not that they aren’t. Not that they aren’t the most destructive drones in the conflict.

      In fact, Israel supplies 60% of Azerbaijan weapons overall. It would be ridiculous for the Azeris to spend $5-billion on Israeli munitions, including drones, and then not use them in this conflict. Of course they’re using them.

      In fact, a foreign policy advisor to the Azeri PM did confirm this and note the “effectiveness of Israeli drones:

      But Hajiyev did say that Israeli Harop drones had “proved themselves very effective” in the fighting over the last few days.

      As for Israeli cluster munitions, I have never heard of such a weapon not posing enormous danger of explosion after its deployed. You have offered no proof that the Israeli munitions have that capacity. Nor that they actually work in the field the way you claim they do. So I discount this.

      Not to mention that Israel shelled Lebanon repeatedly with cluster munitions which even now maim and kill Lebanese civilians. So whatever you claim about the behavior of these munitions is irrelevant.

      Because you deliberately violated my request that you not comment further in this thread and did so twice, you are moderated. Comments, should you continue to post here, will be published as long as they respect the comment rules.

      You aren’t muzzled, You are free to publish comments in other threads. You are not free to defy my editorial directions. As one of the most active pro-Israel commenter here currently you are subject the limitation when I determine that it appropriate. I don’t permit any commenter, left or right, to overwhelm the comment thread with unrestricted numbers of comments.

  4. In the last hours and days before the already clear ceasefire took effect in Lebanon 2006 war Israel fired large amount of cluster munitions to Lebanese villages and towns which left millions of submunitions which did not “self-destruct”.

    If Lebanese or any other Arab country would do the same against Israeli villages and towns the world would be flooded with “holocaust”-propaganda the next 200 years. If such cowardly bombing some day happens, what can Israelis say when they did it first?

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