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  1. Pompeo’s finding that these NGO’s are anti-Semitic sounds like an overreach.

    But will the Carr report show that the NGO’s are supporting BDS?

    Dunno yet.

    Do you?

    1. @ Wunsch: Of course I do.

      It doesn’t matter what that report “claims” to show. It can’t show they support BDS because they don’t. And unlike Carr, Steinberg and Pompeo, they don’t lie about such things (or anything).

  2. there will be hell to pay should the democrats flip the senate and the w.h.
    i hope that schumer and reid will see beyond the racist tribal trumpism religion.
    in as much as i hope that the filibuster will become history i pray that most if not all the
    pro israel racist decisions be reviewed in a new light
    none of the abraham peace accord mean a thing for the regular unemployed israeli
    if only it means a new middle east arms race which is only good for the u.s. arms industry
    i hope that harris will have the vision to steer a fairer middle east policy that might help reign in
    our local tin pot dictator

  3. do you think for trump et al a report means a thing. not in this or any other lifetime
    their word is THE DECISION, all reports for as much as they can be honest are of no
    consideration for them.
    their word is the word of god. period
    dont search for what does not exist
    20000 lies after and we’re still wishing upon a star
    smell the coffee

  4. You have to ask yourself though, why does Amnesty (UK) petition against Trip Advisor doing business in the OT, yet Amnesty ignores Trip Advisor doing business in human rights violator North Korea, as well as Occupied Northern Cyprus and Occupied Western Sahara.

    Something is amiss.


    1. @ Wunsch: You can’t be serious. YOu think anyone takes “vacations” to North Korea and the Western Sahara?? If you weren’t so steeped in whataboutism, you’d recognize that Amnesty has denounced human rights violations in all those conflicts and countries. What does Trip Advisor have to do with any of it?

      As for Israel, tourism is a huge portion of its GDP. Not to mention how important it is to Israel’s Brand in promoting itself to the world. So naturally, Amnesty telling Trip Advisor & tourists that visiting the Occupied Territories contributes to Israel oppression, apartheid and Occupation is totally valid. Israel is violating international law. Amnesty’s mission is to uphold international law. THis warning is totally in consonance with what its mission is.

      Your method is so transparent it’s ridiculous. You start by falsely implying the 3 NGOs might support BDS. Then when I point out to you that they’ve each said they take no position supporting BDS (which you knew already–and if you didn’t you’re an awfully bad hasbarist), you move on to a pathetic attempt at whataboutism by dragging Trip Advisor into the mix.

      If you were smart, you’d focus on the fact that Israel’s predicament will only get worse the more fascistic it becomes. In time, the response of human rights activists will become even more intense than BDS because Israel will have become far worse in its policies in order to maintain dominance over its restive minority population inside and outside Israel proper. You’d try to stop that from happening…if you were smart. But alas, you’re not.

      No further comments in this thread.

  5. American Jewish Committee reveals that Americans at large are remarkably ignorant about antisemitism. (<a href=“https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/.premium.highlight-nearly-half-of-americans-unfamiliar-with-the-term-antisemitism-survey-reveals-1.9262443”>Haaretz)</a>

  6. The State of Antisemitism in America 2020: Insights and Analysis

    <em>American Jews see antisemitism on the far right, on the hard left, and among those who engage in extremism in the name of Islam, but they do not believe that all three pose an equal threat … 89% view the extreme right as posing an antisemitic threat to American Jews … [thanking 4 years Trump White House legitimizing White Supremacists] 

    Similarly, while 69% of American Jews said the Republican Party holds many (27%) or some (42%) antisemitic views, only 37% said the same of the Democratic Party (11% said a lot and 26% said some). Unlike respondents of other denominational affiliations, Orthodox Jews are more likely to see antisemitism on the left, rather than the right.</em>

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