11 thoughts on “Opposition to Normalization Sweeps Arab World – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I see a geographical divide. Countries that border Iran and feel the most threatened, want normalization. Countries that are far away from Iran, like Morocco, Algeria and Egypt, don’t feel threatened by Iran, and oppose normalization.

    1. @ Wunsch:

      I see a geographical divide.

      You see? What you see is quite limited. Claiming countries on Iran’s border want normalization contradicts the polls I quoted in the post. Did you even bother to read the post? Or did you simply ignore what was inconvenient to you? 13 Arab states, including ones bordering or near Iran, oppose normalization. Further, for a state to normalize does not offer it any protection against Iran. Do you think an Arab state which normalizes will get extra protection from Israel because it feels threatened by Iran (regardless of whether the threat is real or not)?

  2. Right wing Israel can’t always get what they want, but they can try, they can try. Netanyahu has had success making Iran the existential enemy of Israel as a means of deflecting from the existential problems at home, Palestinian Occupation. All the while the one state “solution” became more of a reality. Business deals taking advantage of the Sunni/Shiite Arab Iran conflict followed more easily. The GW Bush US Iran War helped make Iran ascendant and the boogyman.We needed that fake businessman dealmaker Trump paving the way with his anti Iran posture/opposition to the Iran nuclear deal. War is business. I wondered how the “Arab Street” was doing in all of this. The undercurrent of anti-Israel groups working on ground level in Arab lands do keep these plans in check.

  3. Do you really think Arabs should not accept israel if it does not make peace with Syria?
    If you think the PLO cannot represent the Palestinians, do you think Assad can represent Syrians?

    The western world which practices human rights has relationship with israel but many of these countries has much lower standards. Pretending this is about human right and not religion is the oldest trick in the far left book.

    1. @ Gabriel:

      Pretending this is about human right and not religion is the oldest trick in the far left book

      We leftists don’t engage in “trickery.” And I resent your claim. If you want to engage here you’d better drop the insults.

      Watch yourself, my friend. Your Islamophobia is showing. Israel has made this conflict a religious holy war. Not the Palestinians and not any of the other Frontline states. Even the so-called Islamist fundamentalists like ISIS have not mounted serious challenges to Israel. This is conflict over power and resources. Religion is an instrument in the Israeli apartheid tool box designed to distract from the real issues.

  4. Hi Richard,

    I actually read the post quite well, including the poll data.

    “According to the findings, respondents in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and Mauritania – who make up the largest bloc in terms of population – viewed Israel as the primary threat their country was facing.”

    None of these States border Iran.

    Conversely, people from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq said that Iran was the greatest threat.

    All of whom do border Iran.

    So how is there no geographic divide?
    It’s spelled out in black and white.

    1. @ Wunsch: You’re moving the goal posts. The original statement was that 90% of Arabs oppose normalization. Now you are changing the question to which Arabs feel Iran is more of a threat. That’s not the subject of my post and has nothing to do with what I wrote. Pay close attention to the post and don’t try to change the subject to one that is more advantageous to you.

      Do not comment further in this thread.

  5. normalization will never ever be, it’s all about religion and only religion. just as the haredis donot recognize the state the muslims will never recognize anything jew.
    it may be the rich helping the rich but for the poor normal shlepper this means zip. it may help mossad and shabac have an ear closer to iran or have a branch of 8200 with less long distance effect to help hacking , but for you and me why would i want to visit a trump priced hotel room in the desert. isn’t there enuff sand near the david hotel in tel aviv.
    it’s a trump/netanyahu mirage another foggy nobel prize dream sheer obama’s win jealousy no more no less, what a joke 112 weekly flights from here to there filled with what cargo not human cargo for sure, all when el al is down to its last shekel
    so sad instead of taking care of local business we’re kissing and brownosing foreign asses
    we’re the suckers that will pay the price as usual not bibi for sure

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