6 thoughts on “Trump Urges Summary Execution of Protesters – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Trump is utterly unhinged at this point, demanding a third term after demanding an extra two years for “payment” over the failed impeachment last year. His litany of failures and lies is well known, the subject of a ream of books. We know his administration is staffed with the worst people possible, and that his own vice president is probably only hanging on so he can claim the presidency if Trump suddenly dies. My point is that we have reached a Moment: the Republican Party allowed Trump to win the primary, tolerates his stupidity (because he appoints screaming loony or Party-hack judges “approved” by that hack factory the Federalist Society), and lets him sit on his hands in a pandemic. Can we allow this party of incompetent neo-Confederates, bond trader scum, Creationists, hidden John Birch Society members, Ayn Rand fans, QAnon conspiracists, crypto-Nazis, and other political basement dwellers continue to exist? I say the GOP should be disbanded for all the misery it has caused since Eisenhower’s time. We need responsive political parties, and the POP and the GOP stopped cutting the mustard in the 1980s.

  2. @Streinikov

    Trump runs the U.S. Government as his personal business enterprise … surrounded by his New York gangsters and Florida contacts to International oligarchs and Nation States. He is doing quite well with leading actors as his son and especially Jared Kushner. Pay-back to Israel and family friend, co-conspirator Bibi Netanyahu … Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman (through Shiite province of Bahrain) will attempt te secure another four years for Trump with PR stunt of “peace” while expanding wealth of the Planet’s true master race till G*d comes calling. Trump’s life motto: Quid pro quo!

  3. You wrote that Michael Forest Reinoehl was a white supremacist. Can you provide a source that supports this claim?
    It is what you would demand from any commenter.

    1. @ Jeal R: No I didn’t. Read that paragraph again. I said that someone killed a white supremacist in Portland. And that the alleged killer of the white supremacist was Reinoehl. I added that he was alleged to be associated with Antifa (not white Supremacists).

      Sorry if that wasn’t clear enough in the post.

  4. I too have spend the past 4 years being outraged by Trump, for all of the reasons that don’t need to be listed.
    The subject of this post just adds to the list
    For my own sanity I have tried to give up on outrage, partially out of realizing the futility
    Every day another revelation, which doesn’t even move the needle for his cult like supporters, or his criminal Republican enablers in the legislature and administration.
    Shamefully I must admit that some of my own very normal and reasonable relatives have been conned by him and are considering voting for him, to my horror.
    No amount of anonymous or non-anonymous revelations makes a difference, people are numb to it
    When I make the comparison to pre-nazi Germany, people accuse me of calling his supporters Nazis and making an ad-Hitlerum argument.
    Democracy is being willingly surrendered
    Its very depressing, seeing America elect a criminal and con man.

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