29 thoughts on “Trump, Netanyahu Pull UAE Rabbit Out of Hat – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Limey: That’s right: throwing in your lot with kleptocratic sycophantic regimes like UAE shows Israel in the best light possible. Next up: an alliance with a bloody headchopper!

      As for dead-enders, that would be Israel: on the road to perdition.

      You are done in this thread.

  1. The Middle-East from Beirut to Oman … All Smoke and Mirrors
    Just a decade ago, the Emirate of Dubai was engulfed in anger after the hand of the assassins ended the life of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. In the aftermath, Mossad agent Ben Zygier died in Israeli prison.
    The Emirates has welcomed shady US corporations preferring to operate outside of US jurisdiction: Halliburton / Dick Cheney, Academi/Xe Services – Erik Prince,  Knowledge International with former US military building UAE Armed Forces committing war crimes in Yemen and Libya, and recently as a refuge for former Spanish King Juan Carlos. The immigrant workers are treated as badly as in Qatar.

    The Three Emirates as a nation lack human values and are on a war footing with Iran … forming a new alliance to withstand Democrats and Joe Biden. Bahrein, a subordinate of the KSA will follow soon.

  2. Israel has to choose between peace and conflict — FM | Jordan Times |

    The minister said that if Israel considers the agreement as a means to end the occupation and meet the Palestinians’ rights to freedom and the creation of a viable independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the pre-1967 borders, the region will move ahead towards realising peace, or else Israel will deepen the conflict that will jeopardise the entire region’s security.

  3. Peace treaties, in theory, are signed between two countries in a state of war. But the United Arab Emirates – unlike Egypt, Syria, Lebanon or Jordan – has never fought us. While the UAE is perhaps an enemy on paper, in reality, it has been an unofficial friend for a while now. The tidings of normalization with the UAE and maybe other Gulf states will make us feel good in the short term. Postponing and perhaps squandering sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, on the other hand, could be lamented by generations to come.
    [Source: Hayom]

  4. Abu Dhabi Sheikh already allied with Israel’s Netanyahu [Jared Kushner] to defeat Democrats in 2016 … just a next step for 2020.
    Of course Cambridge Analytica was in a way linked to Cambridge and Alexander Nix … with new corporate change to Emerdata, do the Mercers give recognition to Abu Dhabi Sheikh of the Emirates? Should we ask Erik Prince?

  5. THIS, seems to be Israel’s attitude as well. Please allow me to use broad strokes to describe it, from where I’m sitting.

    • Israel developed technologies to control the Palestinian resistance and external enemies, real or imagined.
    • Israel uses external enemies to ensure a continued flow of money into its military.
    • Israel uses the narrative of external enemies to ensure its citizens are focused mainly on SECURITY, and vote in consequence, human rights be damned.

    QUOTE: “Normalization offers UAE access to the Israeli market, where it can buy the most sophisticated Israeli weapons systems and surveillance technologies. 

    Arab strongmen like Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayad are always looking over their shoulders fearing rivals who threaten their reign. They fear their own citizens and seek ever more sophisticated ways to assert control. 

    Most of all, these dictators need external enemies in order to maintain the level of fear necessary to preserve domestic order. Israel offers answers to all those needs.”

    I cringed when I heard Friedman say : “not permanently suspend plans for annexation, suspend means temporary.”

  6. Silverstein

    You are factually incorrect. The UAE has the support of its citizens and so do the Saudis. The monarchies are the way of rule in the Gulf. Live with it. Not everyone wants a liberal US style democracy, and don’t arrogantly assume we all do.

    Second irrelevent point: Turkey had normal and warm relations with Israel. It is nothing special if the UAE and Saudi do. Eventually they all will, Iran included.

    You don’t understand the Arab and Iranian mentality or the culture. It is not atheistic as you fondly imagine from your shenanigans with secular palestinains.

    FYI, the Iranian regimes hostility towards Israel has nothing to do with Israel itself. It is a smokescreen. The mullahs’ biggest threat isn’t Israel it is its own secular Iranians who don’t want a theocracy. Your types liberals who want a secular Iran. The SECULAR Shah of Iran (i’m not his fan incidentally) and his regime were very friendly with Israel. That is why the Mullahs are anti Israel. Historically, Iranians have been better towards Jews than Arabs have. It is more than likely, that when the Mullahs’ fall as they inevitably will, Iranians will move towards normalisation with Israel.

    1. @ Trimi: What is a UAE troll doing in the UK? Are you a UAE diplomat in the UK? Or just handsomely paid to post swill for the kleptocrat sheikhs who run your country?

      Turkey hasn’t had “warm relations” with Israel for nearly 2 decades. But no worries, no one in the UAE would have the chutzpah to sail a humanitarian aid ship to Gaza. So no worries that Israel will attack UAE supporters of Palestine. THere aren’t any anymore anyway.

      You don’t understand the Arab and Iranian mentality or the culture.

      You can’t possibly be Arab. If you are you’ve just spouted arrant Arabophobic nonsense. THere is no “Arab mentality.” It’s an invention of idiots like you (and Bernard Lewis).

      the Iranian regimes hostility towards Israel has nothing to do with Israel

      So now you’re an expert on UAE, Saudi Arabia, the “Arab mentality,” AND Iran. Wow, where did you acquire this remarkable set of knowledge? From a book? A professor? A university course? A PhD degree? My hat’s off to you for this wealth of knowledge you share with us.

      torically, Iranians have been better towards Jews than Arabs have

      This is the only accurate thing you’ve written. Of course Iranians have treated Jews better than Arabs. They still do. And that includes the current regime against which you rail.

      I think I’ve figured you out. You’re either an Iranian Arab, a follower of MeK or an Iranian monarchist. Whatever you are, you’re a fraud.

  7. A “suspension” was good enough to get the much needed self congratulations and propaganda going all around. It does not change that the Palestinians are a people betrayed. Nor does it mean that Israel is turning around from it’s long pursued path. I dream on: Israel needs to end it’s warring with Iran and siding with the Saudi’s in their sectarian forever war. Israel should be neutral and tend to it’s problems at home.

    Hopefully this will not mean a thing in Trump’s trumpeting of himself either.

    Thank you for this report.

  8. US bid to extend Iran arms embargo fails at UN Security Council

    Eleven members abstained, including France, Germany and Britain, while Washington and the Dominican Republic were the only yes votes.

  9. From Kosovo through Afghanistan and into Yemen: UAE’s success on the battleground. Its intolerance to the Muslim Brotherhood and the inherent danger of the Arab uprising in 2011 convinced MbZ to closer relationship to MbS and Saudi Arabia and the advantage of ties to Israel. As the policy under Obama/Clinton was skewed to the MB, the urgency became more apparent. Unifying against the Shia front in the region.

    Mohammed bin Zayed’s preferences regarding UAE foreign policy


  10. Dahlan is a security advisor for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Zayed


    The Turkish Interior has included the advisor of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, the dismissed leader of the Palestinian “Fatah” movement, “Muhammad Dahlan”, in the red list of wanted terrorists.


  11. US proposes removing Sudan from terrorism list for $330m compensation


    Clearly a failed diplomatic effort by Mike Pompeo to get Sudan on board to extend relations with the Jewish State of Israel. Jared Kushner is headed towards the Middle East to claim more success with Arab authoritarian regimes. Human rights? Independent State of Palestine?

  12. Trimi

    “The UAE has the support of its citizens and so do the Saudis. The monarchies are the way of rule in the Gulf.”

    Citizens? Emiratis comprise nearly 12% of population … same percentage of Pakistanis. Largest group are Indians 27.5% … number of males sits at 72%. Some countries are run by wealth of oligarchs, GCC States by wealthy monarchs. UAE Army is built on mercenaries run by the likes of Erik Prince and US Generals (Ret.)

  13. Trump’s House of Cards Falling Apart … just as sudden as the UAE “peace deal” was built.

    Likud Minister Tzachi Hanegbi said Israel opposes the sale of “even one screw” of the F-35 fighter jet to any country in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, amid apparent plans by the United States to sell the plane to Abu Dhabi … if we have peace with them or not.


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