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  1. Are you and your readers aware who Joachim Martillo is?

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    Here’s an excerpt from the latter linked post:


    But one name on this list (of Sabeel conference participants) caught my eye: that of Joachim Martillo, author of some of the most frightening, hate-filled screeds about Israel and Jews that I’ve seen on the Internet. In one posting on an internet newsgroup, Martillo wrote: “Racist ethnic Ashkenazi American traitors and their non-Ashkenazi panderers should be denaturalized, stripped of their property to cover the damages their criminal manipulation of the US political system has cause [sic] the USA, and they should be sent to prison camps like Guantanamo where they can be interrogated to determine the extent of their treason to America.”

    Another one of Martillo’s postings stated the “only unfortunate aspect of a suicide attack on murderous racist genocidal Zionist colonizers is the death of the heroic Palestinian partisan.” Given the indiscriminate nature of suicide bombing, the conclusion is inescapable: The murder of Israeli children is acceptable to Martillo.

    Martillo has uttered a similar statement in the presence of a reporter. For example, the Harvard Crimson has quoted Martillo as saying “suicide attacks against Israel are completely justifiable.”

    The irony was this: While I was denied entry to the Sabeel Conference in Toronto because I was not politically reliable enough to attend, Martillo, who has exhibited an atrocious indifference to the motive and impact of Palestinian terror on Israeli civilians was welcomed with open arms.

    After the event, I called the conference organizer who rejected my application and informed him about Martillo’s screeds. The good reverend dutifully condemned the passages I read to him, but then pleaded ignorance about the author, stating that Sabeel has no control over the people who come into its events. In other words Sabeel, which through its application process was able to assure itself that everyone who attended its conference expressed support for “morally responsible investment” could not be bothered to assure itself that attendees have the least bit of concern for the lives of innocent Israelis.

    Go figure.

    One last bit of irony. The conference organizer I spoke with on the phone knew who I was as soon as I said my name. “Your reputation precedes you,” he said.

    So does Martillo’s.


    So hat tip to him if you will, RIchard SIlverstein. Those who are aware of what Joachim Martillo has advocated can only wonder who would want to associate with such a person.

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