6 thoughts on “This Time Trump Went Too Far: Facebook Caves on Refusal to Police Political Ads – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Very interesting analysis. From a libertarian point of view, Facebook is a nondiscriminatory public offer provider and should not be discriminating on political ads in the first place, swastikas, hammer and sickles, or not. Many people will dismiss this triangle stuff as more far-left socialist and often anti-semitic gaslighting, which has reached bizarre proportions in the US.

    Besides the growing libertarian movement for basic rights in Israel, Libertarians are focused on their own candidate in the US, Prof. Jo Jorgensen, A psychologist, she may be just what the squabbling far-right and far-left in Washington DC need!

    1. @ Robert: I could care less about a “libertarian point of view.” Only someone who isn’t Jewish and had no relatives murdered by the Nazis could dismiss the paraphernalia and social structure of concentration camps as “triangle stuff.” Don’t defile their memory again here.

      I have no idea what you mean by “a growing libertarian movement for basic rights in Israel.” That claim is about as vapid as liberal Zionism.

  2. Twaddle. If you look hard enough, you could claim anything is a “hate symbol”. This is a completely idiotic response from people who are looking to be offended.

  3. I will sound as a dynosaur yet time and again I’ve heard and read that if you wish to keep your privacy private then you stay away from the Facebook and likes. No surprise that countless rich people do not advertise their laundry on it. When a platform is made to blackmail people then do not complain that the world’s drek will be on it

  4. The dynosaur is back , it seems that the snowball in hell is rolling a few companies have decided to quit fb namely the North face and Patagonia, who says there’s no starting point for all good things.

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