17 thoughts on “Armed Attacker, Nikolas Fernández, Rams Seattle Black Lives Matter Protest, Demonstrator Wounded – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Before we lynch Nickolas Fernandez, let’s look at the video a little more carefully.
    The protestor was hanging onto Fernadez vehicle while the vehicle was moving. The protestor reached inside the vehicle and hit Fernandez, and may have tried to pull driver from vehicle.
    Fernandez has the opportunity to ram the protestors, but does not.
    He has the opportunity to gun down the protestors he mingled with, but does not.
    I don’t think he has a double ‘jungle clip’. He may have a single, extended clip.
    Jamming gun theory is wild speculation, and considering that he has a quality firearm, it is very unlikely.

    1. @ Drake: You didn’t bother to look at the video. Did you notice a barricade placed in the path of the car by a brave protester? Why not? It’s clearly there and clearly poses an obstacle to the driver. His intent was clearly to ram the car into the crowd and he was frustrated in doing this both by Dan getting hold of his steering wheel and punching him in the face; and the other protester putting up the barricade as an obstacle.

      Most people who watch the video and know something about firearms say his gun jammed. Given that Dan punched him in the face, it’s would have been quite easy for them to have jostled the gun and caused it either to jam or lock in some fashion. They also say that the bullet clips he had offered 43 bullets. You don’t use ammo like that unless you’re on a (human) hunting expedition.

      I’m quite surprised you didn’t try to peddle the bullshit he’s now offering that he was afraid for his life and thought he was going to be the victim of a carjacking. That would be about your style.

  2. Richard.

    The barricade is set up after the shooting and after the car came to full stop. Driver sat in his car a few seconds, and got out.

    A speeding car, as we know, is the perfect weapon for a lone wolf terrorist.

    So did his car jam too?

    Do I see Fernandez fumbling with his ‘jammed’ gun while he’s sitting in his barricaded vehicle?

    Arrest record, not bloggers, will tell us about the make up of the gun’s magazine.

    We need to investigate Fernandez to see whether he had an ideology or not and hear from witnesses who saw was transpired before the videos were taken.

    BTW, Fernandez has a (very hot) wife, who shouldn’t have her photos broadcast on the internet.
    Not fair.

    Is Derek Chauvin’s wife being dragged into her husband’s crime?

    1. @ Drake: Just about everything in your comment is wrong. The barricade is placed by a protesters directly in front of the car to prevent it from ramming the mass of protesters behind it. Once the barricade blocks his way, the driver stops the car, giving Dan a chance to get to the driver side and physically prevent the driver from doing further damage.

      About that gun magazine, his brother is a cop in the East Precinct. Do you think he wouldn’t have plenty of ammo and know how to use it if he was going “human hunting?”

      As for ideology, it doesn’t take a genius to know that anyone who shot a BLM protester and featured the equivalent of “All Lives Matter” on his Instagram is a racial extremist.

      Your comment about women is disgusting. I am moderating you.

      As for Chauvin’s wife, she divorced him. I’d display her picture as a hero.

      And if poor Fernández didn’t want his wife’s picture spread he shouldn’t have done something that would open his private life to the world. Should’ve given her a bit more consideration before trying to engage in mass murder.

      Do not comment again in this thread.

  3. @Drake
    Indeed the engine stalled and couldn’t get it started so Fernandez had to get out and ran for his life. The wounded person got treatment and Fernandez saved his skin without a scratch.

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