6 thoughts on “Netanyahu Ethnically Cleanses Israeli Palestinian Knesset Vote – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You neglect to mention one little fact:
    That the Arab parties themselves do not want to be part of a coalition
    They stated this quite clearly when there was discussion about it after the last election, in the context of a center left coalition with Ganz.

    1. @ DrS: First, Gantz rejected them first. Second, if Gantz had come to them and invited them instead of treating them like they had the plague, the answer would have been different. I cannot imagine Odeh would reject an invitation to be a senior minister in Gantz’s government. Nor can you.

  2. A. There has been at least one Arab minister in israel.
    B. Ethnically cleansing votes?? How far are you going to stretch the terminology? And why anti Semitism is stretched by far less you aren’t will to accept it?

    1. @ Ariel Cohen:

      There has been at least one Arab minister

      This is the exception that proves the rule. First, in 70 years there has been one Palestinian minister? And that proves what? That Israel is a democratic state welcoming political participation and sharing power with its Palestinian minority? Second, that minister was Druze and the Druze have an entirely different history and relationship with Israeli Jews than Israeli Palestinians. Third, and most importantly, you left out the 2nd half of my statement: that no Israeli Palestinian has been a minister in which his/her Party has been part of a ruling coalition. In other words, no Palestinian Party has ever been in a ruling coalition. That is the standard way in which political power is apportioned and exercised in Israeli politics. So I’m afraid your claim is next to meaningless.

      As for my term “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinian vote: you don’t object to the term being false because it isn’t. You object to the term being dramatic and powerfully representing what Bibi actually said. Many Israeli Jewish politicians including Yair Lapid have couched criticism of Bibi’s statement in similar terms. They’ve called it racist and used other apt terms. When you label 25% of the Israeli electorate as traitors to their country and terrorists, and explicitly refuse to consider their votes kosher, that is ethnic cleansing. You don’t like the term? Tell your PM to stop being a racist and I’ll stop using it. But you know he can’t and won’t. So the term stands.

  3. Hi Richard. On a seemingly, but perhaps not really, unrelated note, did you see this profile in Haaretz about the views of young Israelis? If their answers are indicative of their generation as a whole, then there is no way that the international community can leave it to them to negotiate peace with the Palestinians.

    The answers across the board were abhorrent and totally ignorant of human rights law, history and moral decency. This is why the international community is going to have to force a settlement on them, even if it’s one they don’t want and they aggressively resist. They are incapable of making compromise and will never willingly make the sacrifices necessary for peace.

    It’s just too bad that the US is delaying what needs to be done by denying Bernie Sanders the Democratic nomination. Until congress starts pulling back the funds it gives and applies sanctions, things won’t change or get better.


    1. @ liamofktn: Alas, I’ve read such profiles of Israeli youth. Max Blumenthal has also done videos of interviews with young Israelis and they’re almost universally scary and disgusting. Unlike in America where youth are the vanguard for change; in Israel they’re the vanguard of hate and intolerance. It’s deeply depressing.

      So I agree with you that it’s almost impossible for change to rise from Israel itself. If there is ever peace it will have to be imposed as happened in Serbia and Kosovo. Not with NATO firepower. But rather through sanctions and other forms of pressure. I don’t see any international will to do this. So it will have to await some Israeli gross violation of international law like a Srebrenica-type massacre or perhaps getting the Middle East into a regional war no one wants. Then the world might get off its ass and act.

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