12 thoughts on “BREAKING: IDF Names New Commander After Disastrous Gaza Operation, His Identity is Censored – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “In doing so, Sayeret Matkal’s “cover” violated the norms of international humanitarian law.”

    Didn’t the United States under President Obama use a fake Pakistani polio vaccination program to gain entree into Osama bin Laden’s secret compound in Abbottabad?

    Richard. Would you be so fast to reveal the indentities of the secret Navy Seal Six team that killed Bin Laden?
    You are a journalist. Would you have revealed the indentities of the Seal team that accidentally killed a Western aid worker in Afghanistan during rescue mission?

    1. @ Eunice: A nifty piece of whataboutism. But this doesn’t work on me since I’m not a defender of U.S. foreign or counter-terror policy. I never supported the murder of Osama bin Laden and certainly wouldn’t support using medicine as a means toward assassination. That’s Israel’s MO and shouldn’t be the MO of any democratic state believing in the rule of law.

      As for exposing U.S. covert military personnel: if they were engaging in assassinations you bet I’d expose them if I could.

      I also find is amusing that you seem to believe that I come up with the material I report on my own. How do you think I learn about these stories? They don’t spring from my mind. But from people who care about press freedom, freedom of information, and accountability for the military-intelligence apparatus. I only know these stories because of their own concern as good citizens.

  2. “As for exposing U.S. covert military personnel: if they were engaging in assassinations you bet I’d expose them if I could.”

    But the Israeli covert operatives you’ve helped expose were NOT engaged in an assassination. The Israeli operatives you helped expose were involved in a passive intelligence gathering that went awry.

    And no Richard, I don’t think you would expose the identification of any United States covert military personnel, because than you’d go to prison.

    So please stop posturing.


    1. @ Eunice: Don’t be friggin’ naive. Why do you think Israel’s most elite commando unit invades Gaza? To host birthday parties? That “passive intelligence gathering” you portray was an operation designed to intercept all communications inside Gaza including that of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and probably the entire civilian population. So why did they want this information? To send Yahya Sinwar a birthday card? Nope, sorry. They wanted it to trace Palestinian political and military operations, and plan Israeli interdiction, including assassinations if and when necessary.

      Please don’t pretend to be naive. You know what Israel has done to Palestinians. Don’t pretend that anything Israel does in Gaza is “passive” or harmless or benign. There is nothing benign about Occupation.

      I don’t think you would expose the identification of any United States covert military personnel, because than you’d go to prison.

      Then you have no idea who I am. If I had the name of any of the SEAL Team 6 assassins before the Bin Laden operation and had known they intended to murder him in cold blood, I would’ve exposed them in a heartbeat, including going to prison for it. But I would not expose the name of someone who was not engaged in crimes and violations of international law.

      So please stop posturing.

      Don’t you dare tell me what to do, say or think. Try something like this again and you’ll be have a very rough landing at Ben Gurion (inside joke).

  3. [comment deleted: comments must contain a substantive argument directly related to the post. Yours didn’t.]

  4. [comment deleted: I don’t much like Muslim triumphalism, just as I don’t like Jewish triumphalism. Please don’t abuse any religion in this fashion.]

  5. This article is about editing reality isn’t it. As was done back in the day. Who else is good at deception?

  6. @Yoni: So you side with fascists, killers, authoritarians and dictators as the true and realistic leaders of our world. Good to know what your real world perspective is.

  7. Just my view on the general situation. Israel is a country threatened with extermination on a constant basis like no other country and you are not helping with its defense by exposing names. If I were in a position as dangerous as that of Israel, I will resort to anything to survive.

    1. @ Timothy: Israel is not threatened with extermination on a constant, intermittent or ever basis. The threats it faces are no more or less than many other countries. My purpose here is not to defend Israel or any other country. My purpose is to analyze Israeli policy and determine whether it is in Israel’s best long term interest.

      Israel already resorts to anything and everything not in order to survive, but in order to impose its will on its enemies. That is what’s gotten it into the predicament it now faces.

      YOu clearly know very little about Israel except what you’ve read in some propaganda manual or media outlet. I suggest a lot more study and reading before you venture opinions that were popular in the 1960s and have no relation to Israel of today.

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