8 thoughts on “Netanyahu Wins and Will Be Next Prime Minister of the Judeo-Ethno-State – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “If he had agreed during the election to include Palestinian parties in a majority coalition, that part of the electorate likely would have rushed to the polls and more than made up for any Jewish voters who abandoned him. ”

    If Gantz had done this it would not have lasted long. One sees by the election where the Israels stand.
    Most Israelis want a peace agreement{aside from the far right nuts who don’t amount to that many votes} but statements from Sinwar a few days ago{I thought we had some kind of agreement with Hamas/Gaza} that in the next conflict Israel will have to vacate the Negev, Ashdod, Ashkelon and…Tel Aviv!
    So it is obvious at this point that there is no one to partner with in a peace agreement.

    1. @ natasha: How convenient that you base your claim of there being no partner on an alleged statement from a Hamas leader, while ignoring the hundreds of similar messages from Israeli leaders which amount to threats of genocide. Yet despite these grotesques threats, most Palestinians and other Arab states either have negotiated peace with Israel or stand ready to do so. Yet it is always the Arabs who somehow are untrustworthy because they rattle sabers. What nonsense.

      Most Israelis SAY they want peace and may think they want peace. But unless they are immediately prepared to end Occupation, share Jerusalem, recognize a Palestinian state, and return to 67 borders–they don’t peace. So stop with the hogwash. It’s completely unpersuasive.

  2. ‘Those [Arab] votes likely would have translated to a governing majority.’

    So the Palestinians blew it by staying home and not voting Bibi out?

    Say what you want about Judeo ethnic supremacism in Israel, on Election Day, a Jew and Arab are equal, so long as they get out and vote.

    1. @ Bare-Bottom: Horse crap. Votes are NOT equal. Stopping Bibi is the least of what Palestinians want. They want equality, full equality. They want their parties in governing coalitions. They want power. Voting does not give them power because they’re voting in a rigged system.

  3. According to the final tally, the results are:

    הליכוד 35 (Likud)
    כחול לבן 35 (Blue and White)
    ש”ס 8 (Shash)
    יהדות התורה 7 (Torah Judaism)
    חד”ש-תע”ל 6 (Hadash-Ta’al)
    העבודה 6 (Labour)
    ישראל ביתנו 5 (Yisrael Beitenu)
    מרצ 5 (Meretz)
    איחוד הימין 5 (United Right)
    רע”ם-בל”ד 4 (Ra’am-Balad)
    כולנו 4 (Kulanu)

    Apparently – New Right was unable to cross the threshold percentage, after all.

  4. Natasha- Hamas must show bravado. This is their schtick. I think everyone must want an end to this horror, particularly Gazans no matter how traumatized they are (as European Jews, new Israeli’s, did post the Holocaust). Arabs have to get their act together though. And those who are “woke” in Israel will support a movement towards an equitable peace agreement if such is possible and perhaps make a coalition with them. But I think we are already past the point where this is possible. What a shame. We are seeing the total demise of what the founders dreamed about for Israel. Netanyahu is leading the way down. But the people are following, supporting this. I think this is all a repercussion, effects from historical trauma passed on for ages culminating in the Holocaust, a kind of collective post traumatic stress disorder. They cower in fear; they need their protection, their strong leader, strong apparently. (This is not real strength or protection.)The founders wanted something different, more normal, more spiritual and secular at the same time. Here in the USA, most Jews are more normal. Or so I think.

  5. [comment deleted: when you run your own blog you get to make editorial decisions. As long as I run this one, I make the decisions. You don’t like ’em, tough shit. Go elsewhere. As you are moderated, your next comment rule violation could lead to banning.]

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