3 thoughts on “Israel-Palestine: We Don’t Own It – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted: You’re moderated, bud. Comments like “Pulled straight out of a unicorn’s butt” will send your comment to moderation hell every time.]

  2. Unfortunately it seems you prefer pretending we live in a fairyland rather than earth.
    The ideal you presented you amazing but is in complete disconnect with reality and history of thousands of years.
    What would it make to identities is also an unknown. In that view, should there religions?

  3. Thank you Richard. People sorely need to be reminded of this over and again. I bristle when a so-called “pro-Israel” commenter writes as recently “this land has been ours for 5000 years!”, meaning belonging to the Jews as if all that time and alone to the Jews- or even 3000 years, or whatever.This is mindless repetition, ahistorical. It’s as though that was all that mattered or was happening as well.There is another response to this claim I think to add to the two or three you give: the moral and the historical and the evolutionary. I would add that we are trying to have a modern world in which there is international law that is respected by all so that we do not have to go through the horrors of the past where the mightiest at the time ruled for a period until that changed and others conquered killed plundered and ruled Now we have global problems, nuclear and climate change principally, where there should be, as you write, a collective stewardship of the planet.

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