12 thoughts on “Bibi Will Win…and Annex the West Bank – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This has been my view for a long time Richard. Paradoxically, I felt that Trump becoming president was the beginning of the end. The fig leaf ripped away.

  2. Shouldn’t your headline read, ‘annex parts of the West Bank’?

    Plainly, you are going for shock value.

  3. Isn’t this what people said before the Jerusalem embassy move? Bibi will annex the settlement blocs, there will be a lot of bruhaha for a couple of weeks. Then everyone will move and we will be back to talking about a two-state solution that doesn’t include the settlement blocs, which, Israel will argue, were never going to be part of a Palestinian state anyway.

    I don’t understand why you and other one-state advocates continue to give people false hope with this similar misleading analyses.

    1. @ Wissam: Two states are dead. Bibi killed it. He’s effectively created one state. He refuses two states and will never recognize a Palestinian state.

      With Arabs like you Palestinians need no enemies. What is an Arab whose IP address is based in Jordan doing posting such statements abandoning the struggle on behalf of Palestine?? Unless, of course you’re posting on behalf of the Israeli embassy there?

  4. [comment deleted: off topic. YOU are now moderated. Only comments which respect the comment rules will be published. The subject of this post was the Israeli election and not how many Gazan civilians Benny Gantz killed.]

  5. Half right. Full (illegal) annexation is only a matter of time but Palestinians will NEVER get ‘full rights’.
    Let’s all stop pretending.

    1. @ economisery: No one is pretending. And your cynicism and sophistry is insulting to the Palestinians, who are certainly not pretending. Indeed, they will fight for full rights and attain full rights just as so many other peoples facing insurmountable odds achieved their liberation from colonialism and oppression.

      And isn’t it funny that you posted virtually the same cynical comment as DrS. Both got your marching orders today from the same Hasbara manager perhaps??

  6. I think that Bibi’s announcement regarding annexation is in coordination with Trumps upcoming “peace plan”. Lots of leaks about this, I don’t know what’s reliable, but it may be part of a US-Arab sponsored Palestinian confederation which gives Palestinians in the West Bank Jordanian citizenship, and Palestinians elsewhere citizenship in their host countries. Gazans will get Egyptian citizenship. I know that this is not the “just” solution that many hope for, but in my opinion it is the best they can get, unless they wish to suffer for another 100 years.

    1. @ DrS: I don’t recall any Palestinian asking what you thought they were “going to get” or asking your advice about what they should accept or reject. When you get that invitation from the Palestinians would you let us know. I do so love concern trolls like you pretending that they care for the Palestinian fate but always trying to add a little practicality so that they’ll accept a return of 1 penny on the dollar for their investment in misery.

  7. [comment deleted: I believe you are a fraud. No Israeli Palestinian or Jordanian talks about “the death of Israel” in the incendiary terms you did. If you privately send me your name and additional confirming information to authenticate the identity you claim, then I will publish your future comments. If you choose not to do so, we will all know that Wissam Khatib, or whoever you are, is a fraud. If you do share this information with me I guarantee it will remain private.]

  8. No idea who DrS is but I find it rather ironic that you should accuse me of hasbara.
    Deliberate psychological projection is one of the oldest tactics among zionist disinformation agents.

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