16 thoughts on “New Terror Campaign Against Iran as Giuliani Predicts Regime Change – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. MeK is Parsi.
    Iran claims that the squad that attacked this military parade are Arab Khusastani separatists.

    When has Israel or the United States ever had anything to do with Khusastani separatists?
    And when was the last time Mek carried out a terror attack anyway?

    Neither Israel nor the United States are involved in this incident in anyway whatsoever.

    BTW, where in Iran was this attack carried out anyway?
    In Ahwaz, the capital or Arab Khusastan.

    1. @ Li Hing Lo: I’ve read many reports from Iran about this. There are a number of Arab Sunni groups in Iran. They generally do not work with Shiites, but that doesn’t mean MeK wouldn’t work with them. The latter will work with the devil (and they have) if it will advance their interests.

      Not to mention that in the Meir Dagan interview I linked (which you clearly haven’t read) he explicitly acknowledges that the Mossad liased with and supported Jundallah and all manner of Iranian dissident groups willing to engage in acts of terror. COnsidering the Mossad works with MeK terrorists and whatever group these terrorists came from, it’s totally conceivable, even likely, MeK played some role in this attack.

      MeK has never renounced terror. And it’s not going to start now. It has been a terrorist group since it’s inception. And even if it claimed it was no longer a terror group, it’s even better known for lying through its teeth about virtually anything and everything.

      As for your claim of Israeli and U.S. non involvement…you know this how? Really it’s a ridiculous claim to make. I’ve been studying the Mossad and U.S. intelligence operations for years and I know when I smell a rat. And there’s a big fat Mossad/CIA rat involved in this thing.

      There is no such thing as “Arab” anything in Iran in terms of provinces or localities. There are Arab Sunni and Persian Shiites who live there. To divide them in the manner you have shows you seek the dissolution of Iran. Which in turn furthers the interests of Israeli intelligence the Mek & other related entities. Whoever you are, you aren’t who you say you are.

      At any rate, this province is in Iran. The city in which this occurred is an Iranian one. The fact that you’re touting Sunni domestic terrorists tells us quite a bit about your interests.

      1. “It’s highly likely our government knew of the plans for this attack before it happened. That would have allowed Giuliani to time his speech”

        By your reckoning this ‘big fat rat’ has given top security clearance to a big mouth personal attorney for Donald Trump. Highly unlikely Mossad/CIA would risk bringing loose lipped Rudy into a highly secretive international assassination plot. Please.

        I read, but could not find where Dagan said that Israel aided Jundallah.
        Personally I have my doubts about Mark Perry’s account wherein Mossad masqueraded as CIA in order to recruit Jundallah. I think that these ‘Mossad agents’ were actually American cowboys, and Mossad was made into a fall guy.

        1. @ Li Hang Low: If you think Rudy Giuliani doesn’t know the deepest secrets of this terror/terrifying regime in DC you’re crazy. As I wrote, he sits on Trump’s shoulders. Trump considered appointing him attorney general. He has Trump’s complete trust. And anyone, whether CIA director or Secretary of State who wants to curry favor with the boss will know where Giuliani stands in the hierarchy.

          I note you also omitted John Bolton who certainly has an equally or more powerful role in Trump’s national security scheme. He’s supported regime change for nearly two decades. How are you going to dismiss him? Surely, you’re such a good apologist for crime and evil, you’ll find a way.

          As for Dagan, I linked to the wrong blog post. I’ve now updated the link. Go read it & my translation of his interview. Unfortunately, the video I embedded when I wrote the post no longer displays. So you’ll have to find the video yourself. The video is right there. He said it on Uvdah. This isn’t obscure stuff. You have a good nose for intelligence. Go find it.

          As for your unfounded claims about Mark Perry, he’s one of the best U.S. investigative journalists. So pardon me but your claims, based on thin air, compared to Perry’s gravitas–there’s no contest. And as for the Telegram as a source, you know what they call it: Torygraph. Reader beware.

          Why don’t you try offering credible evidence to support your point of view instead of personal opinion?

        2. Covert action: assassinations

          Both CIA and Mossad use the “piggy-back” tactics by infiltrating terror groups to use its network for assassinations. See history of Mossad and Rote Armee Fraktion to avenge the 1972 Massacre of Olympic athletes in Munich. I suspect the same tactics used globally in Lebanon, Syria and Iran.

        1. Sign of the times, 1960s …

          The group’s main source of inspiration was the Islamic text Nahj al-Balagha (a collection of analyses and aphorisms attributed to Imam Ali). Despite some describing a Marxist influence, the group never used the terms “socialist” or “communist” to describe themselves. {Source: Wikipedia]

        2. @Elisabeth: MeK is first and foremost opportunistic. When it needed to it adopted Shiite terms and forms. When it needed to co opt the Communist Tudeh Party it adopted Marxist forms and terms. I don’t think one precluded the other. It is a hybrid.

    2. Mutuality is complicity. The MeK was involved in killing nuclear scientists by sponsors who already have the nuclear “gun”, have or may have tested that “gun”, and are pointing the “gun” at Iran’s head (while robbing its pockets and kicking it in the groin).

      Your other points don’t really tend to prove anything.

  2. I’m looking on Wikipedia and it seems MeK stopped its attacks in 2003. I know many guess the nuclear scientists were murdered by MeK. But can you bring an example from the last 15 years where MeK targeted bystanders who were not involved with the Iranian army or Nuclear program?

    1. @ Yoni: First, you take Wikipedia as your sole source regarding MeK? And who says MeK stopped terror attacks? Why, MeK of course. But it’s a lie anyway since Binyamin Ben Eliezer served as the source for my report on assassination of Iranian scientists and the IRG missile base. His own Israeli security sources told him that the Mossad collaborated with MeK on these attacks. SO who ya gonna believe? Wikipedia or a former Israeli defense minister and IDF general?? That’s a tough one…

      I’ve regularly told you to stop whining about how I edit the comment section. You ignored me. You are now banned. There’s only so much whining I can stand.

      1. By responding to those TROLLS, Richard, you only encourage them, not-withstanding frustrating yourself, which is exactly what they want.

        Did you notice that neither of them offered any SOURCE LINK PROOF?

        If anyone doubts you, and asserts such, ask them to provide REPUTABLE, CREDIBLE and VERIFIABLE LINK SOURCE(S) proof of their assertions and leave it at that,or until they do provide such

        That usually gets rid of TROLLS

        It has worked for me over my 10 years of commenting via DISQUS, not to mention my many more years, on other alt-media sites and via my emails

  3. What if Rudy was the first one that Mueller turned? Would we know?

    Now wouldn’t that be some fun? 🙂

    It’s evident that they’re running the same stunt that failed in Syria on Iranians this time: a “civil war” is brewing. Only, Rudy is “telegraphing the punches”.

    I imagine in a few months to a year we’ll be seeing a new breed of quasi-“Iranian” ISIS/Al Qaeda/Heaven’s Gate Cult/Scientology terrorist coalition racking up innocent Iranian deaths in the name of the $.

    Medea Benjamin seems to have the right idea. But I fear it may not be enough this time…

  4. Terror HQ located in Delft, Holland

    On 8 November 2017 Ahmad Mola Nissi was murdered in The Hague. He was the founder and leader of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA).

    ASMLA’s armed wing, the Mohiuddin al Nasser Martyrs Brigade, has claimed responsibility for several attacks in Iran, including the killing of two members of the elite Revolutionary Guards in January 2017.

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