11 thoughts on “How to Resist Zio-Mafia Censorship – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Glad you’re back. What fools. It looks like you’re being cyber attacked, which might fall under some laws these little boys better be careful about.

    We all know the FBI will extradite them just like they did the JCC prank terrorist.

    Here is some information on how to report internet crimes:

    If you really want to do a number on Shawn Eni, sue Elite-ERP, which has offices in Illinois. It’s virtually certain that he used work computers and the like for these activities.

    I think it would be efficient to confront these bullies head on with a heavy opening hand via law enforcement and a letter to their employers threatening law suits at their stateside offices.

    They tend to disappear quickly. 😉

      1. The best way to encounter the pro-Israeli fanatics is to challenge them to discussion and allow them to express their views. I have not seen many debates on different sites/blogs where real arguments in own comments can be made, where the pro-Israeli fanatics could be said having scored points. They loose most arguments and make themselves and their “mission” laughable, because of in general miserable skills in disputation (1) and more importantly they have no rational facts to prove their claims (2). Their only defence is that “hate-antisemitism-holocaust” strategy supported with “God gave this to us” claim, which are rather useless in those comment section discussions.

        A blog/news site etc which allows one side to dominate the comment section becomes fast uninteresting also to all. Many people, from both sides, read beside the blog text / news also the comments it raises on both sides.

        1. I’m not sure what you’re referring to. But if you’re saying I should let 1,000 pro-Israel flowers bloom here–it ain’t gonna happen. I know this group quite well in many online venues including this blog. If you permit it they will suck the oxygen out of everything. I won’t stand for that here. If they want to comment here they’ll follow the rules of they won’t be here.

          1. Well being to rude and discriminative towards those on opposite side makes you look like “Trump” and hurt also your “message” of what you want to tell the world. I am not demanding, that thousand pro-Israeli fanatics should be allowed to comment here. Your rules are OK and I understand your fustration towards the naive and often insulting comments “they” make. What I mean that there can not be a real discussion if only one side comments. The other point is that we non-Jews have limited ways to read how many pro-Israelis activists see the “problems”, The third point is that the lack rational facts, racist views and excuses in the pro-Israelis claims in discussion is the best way to show the world what kind of people they are. One solution could be that you delegate the comment moderation to somebody you trust and follows you “rules”. As said good comments sections increase the popularity of a blog. A blog text is always one person’s view, comments enlarge the topic.

  2. “Small but zealous following” LMAO
    Check Alexa or SimilarWeb out, Douche. I have WAY more traffic than you, not to mention Page Likes and Twitter followers.
    Also, your attempts to get me fired from my job, based on your lies, failed miserably. I have left voluntarily, and will be dedicating myself to Israel advocacy.
    Here’s hoping you lose your libel case. Seriously contemplating suing you myself, you failure of a person.

    1. @David Lange: What so charming about David Lange is that he always has to prove his dick is bigger than yours. It’s so infantile. He claims he left his job voluntarily. But who knows, since he’s lied through his teeth about virtually everything he does, says or writes. BTW, I didn’t try to get you fired. I only pointed out publicly that your fraudulent activities online should concern your employer. I never contacted your employer or engaged in anything other than pointing out those facts online.

      And how does he support himself in his “Israel advocacy?” Just like Hen Mazzig does. LIkely via the tens of millions of dollars the Israeli government is spreading like manure around the internet creating a pro-Israel pimp class of social media warriors. They’re either funded by Gilad Erdan, Sima Vaknin Gil or the like. A shady set of Mossad wannabes spreading their dreck.

      Oh and the next time you publish an article in a mainstream news publication, let us know. But that’s right, no one will publish your Islamophobic rationalization for a judeo ethnostate except maybe ‘settler news.’ I’m published regularly in three publications with far larger readership than your misbegotten blog-screed. And they actually pay me as a freelance journalist, as opposed to the hoaxster you are.

      I won the case, moron. So you’re a bit late to wish me to lose it. As for suing me, you’re such a bullshit artist. You threatened to sue me years ago and never did.

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