6 thoughts on “Wealthy Jewish GOP Donors Flee Trump’s Sinking Ship – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “… the Obama-Clinton Party of gradualism; or will it be the Party of Sanders and radical change?”

    Obama-Clinton gradualism toward what? Certainly not toward peace in the world, or reining in Wall Street excesses, or cutting away at the grotesque US wealth disparity. Neither Republicans or Democrats deserve to screw up our country anymore. Let Rand Paul round up his type of Republicans and Bernie Sanders round up his type of Democrats, and under new and separate political banners kick the disgusting Rep/Dem duopoly out of Washington DC.

    1. @ occupy on: Gradualism toward a vague liberal future. Obama did a few good things: ACA and bandaging the financial crisis. Of course he could’ve addressed them even more progressively than he did. But he did something as opposed to Bush, who did practically nothing.

  2. All roads lead to the problem of money in political campaigns. Wealthy doors have more of a say about who runs this country, what laws get passed, what regulations are imposed, erased, never formed with the goal of whether it’s good for those wealth accumulators or ideologues or not.

  3. Good businessmen knows where the winners are and join in time.
    Great businessmen knows where the wind is blowing and aim there to enjoy the future.

    Too bad all these guys were shortsighted and supported trump who is ruining the country at every minute he stays at the top.

  4. “Klarman fancies himself a social liberal and fiscal conservative. So he’s upset by Trump’s racist pandering…”

    Typical blind spot, however, to the racist reality of Israel to Palestinians, and even in between and among Israelis, which is steeped heavily in an ideology that has Israelis regarding those possessing tanner skin as subhuman or inferior in deserving equal rights en general.

    He’s upset by Trump’s racialist manipulations, but he’s apparently fine with Israelis doing the same because — in that case — “it’s not racism”.

    Likely, Klarman would be upset at Ari Fuld carrying an assault rifle everywhere in America as reflected by his TOI investment and their reporting. But now that he’s in Israel stealing land and ethnically cleansing it: “RIP Ari Fuld”. If Trump, a non-Jew did the same thing? “Racist.”

    It’s racist to excuse the crimes of one faction because they “look like you” as opposed to the others. It’s not a religion; it’s a racist principle breeding exclusion.

  5. Off topic, slightly:

    The reverse, according to Tanya Gold in this month’s Harper’s is the “antisemitism” battle within the UK Labour party, and Gold backs Jeremy Corbyn’s accusers: https://harpers.org/archive/2018/10/among-britains-anti-semites/

    I put antisemitism in quotes because it’s really about two things: shutting down criticism of Israel by conflating Israel with Judaism, and more importantly, keeping Corbyn away from being the PM, because he will kill neoliberalism in Great Britain, and that terrifies the City of London and the banks. With a guy like Corbyn in charge, the dead hands of Thatcherism are no longer around societies’ neck.

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