8 thoughts on “Who Taught World’s Secret Police to Kidnap Enemies on Foreign Soil? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Frank: Oh commenter of very little brain! I never said that the Mossad does kidnapping for other countries. I said that the Israeli model and tactics offered legitimacy and “inspiration” to the worst instincts of other repressive regimes and secret police. Yes, even like North Korea.

      I warn you, don’t try snark nor distorting my views. It doesn’t go over well.

      Further, do not comment twice in the same thread saying virtually the same thing. One comment advancing one argument is quite enough.

    1. @ Frank: And you think that Chinese and Russian intelligence don’t learn from the Israeli examples? In fact, the KGB and its successor agency have infiltrated Israeli society and vice versa. Both secret police entities study each other closely.

      You are done in this thread. No more comments here.

  1. The logic in this post makes me think that you can trace it all back to the Philistines from Gaza who kidnapped Samson without any regard to Ethics!

    1. @ Papok: Samson was a warrior, not a civilian as almost all of these victims were and are. So the case isn’t the same.

      But as for the early Zionist founders of the State, they were avid disciples of the Bible and adopted it as part of the nation’s literary canon. So it’s entirely possible early Israeli spooks looked to it for such ideas and tactics.

      Though I’d like to imagine some of these innocent victims getting the same sort of revenge on their captors as Samson did on the Philistines.

      1. Wow! You’re reply to my comment is jaw dropping! You basically just endorsed suicide attacks and mass murder…

        1. I remember Samason asa great warior who sacrified himself in order to punish the Philistines. That’s how he had been regarded when I was attending elementary school in Israel, many yers ago.

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