6 thoughts on “Israeli Press Freedom Under Fire: Jerusalem Post Sacks Long-Time Political Cartoonist – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Similar to the Jewish’ holocaust industry’ as revealed by dr Norman Finklestein, Jewish leadership have created a ‘antiterrorism industry and it is called ‘secure community network ‘or SCN.
    Under the guise of protectng Jews from terrorism, its actual function is to steal money for the founders and trustees.
    Who are these people? Gerald Silverman of North American Jewish federations(800,000$). Malcolm Hoenlein( 650,000$) of the Confrence of presidents of major jewish organizations. David Harris(1,400,000$) of the American Jewish committe and from my hometown Cleveland Stephen Hoffman(850,000$).
    Grants exceed income claimed on public IRS 990 reports. Geraldo Silverman’ s group in 2012 gave SCN 450,000$….the same year SCN claimed 413,000$ total from all sources….and many other Jewish federation’s also gave. One might imagine that with the multiple layers of oversight by highly paid jewish prodessionals this would not be possible….but that is the bullshit they spout to get you to entrust your monies with them.
    Paul Goldenberg has an interesting claimed biography if true…but it is not.
    Which sixth largest American county human services agency did Paul Goldenberg lead as claimed? He and his attorney robert f munoz REFUSE to answer…
    Very little is very accurate but the founders and trustees needed someone willing to steal for them…reducing the pool of potential leaders for this important task of protecting the Jewish people…whom they. Alledgedly LOVE and swear to protect.
    This will make the William Rapfogels case look small.

    I went to law enforcement (enfarcement) first… And the Beachwood mayor too.
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  2. ” Pressure grew, readers cancelled subscriptions, and finally the very same editor who approved the cartoon, fired Katz ”

    A very bad decision. The Israeli press needs more journalists like Avi Katz.

    ” They are dropping out because the mainstream community offers no alternative to the Israel Lobby mumbo-jumbo they get at their synagogues, in their newspapers, at community centers, and even in some university Israel Studies programs.”

    Blaming assimilation on Israel is rubbish.
    Intermarriage is, was, and will always be, the main cause of assimilation. Add to that, a low birth rate, and you have a full-blown crisis.

    1. @,Frank: you apparently didn’t read or understand my post. The main fault for the decline of organized American Jewry is not Israel, but our leaders and their enabling of Israel’s bad behavior. Should a leadership arise with some spine which is willing to reject Israeli fascism, then there may be hope.

      And do cut out the intermarriage assimilation shit. It bores me to tears and is not scientifically proven or sound. It’s a theory convenient to Zionist dogma and that’s all it is. When you become a qualified demographic expert do let is know. Till then, stick to your day job.

  3. Avi Katz and Eli Valley represent a breath of fresh air for independent, thinking Jews ….

    I would add another name to that: Richard Silverstein.
    Aren’t you worried that the long arm of the Israel Lobby will 1 day come after you too, Richard?

    1. @Klaas: fortunately for me no one can fire me. I’m the only one who can fire myself. As for those “long arms,” there fortunately still remain some restraints on Israeli operations in the U.S. they can kidnap victims in a corrupt country like Ukraine. It’s a bit harder to do that here.

      Not to mention that there are even some Israeli officials who find me convenient for various reasons. So hopefully they won’t take kindly to such shenanigans.

  4. I wonder why the Forward fired a senior editor whose Gorka scoop article it was touting. (You do not say who.)
    In any case I have been noticing how different The Forward, has been for awhile recently and not liking it. What a shame. I get a lot of surface stuff in my mailbox,, mostly cultural schmaltz and click bait. I am thinking of unsubscribing, getting very little out of it of substance.

    Under fire here also I am mentioning the cartoonist Rob Rogers just dropped from the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette a rag which has turned so right wing pro Trump that it cannot stand his critical cartoons.

    Haim Watzman is an excellent translator. Good for him!

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